Rosegarden is an audio and MIDI sequencer with music writing function (Digital Audio Workstation). Rosegarden is a free alternative to applications like Cubase.


Rose Garden was established in 1993 at the University of Bath for IRIX using OSS. As of 1995, it was then ported to Linux. This version was later given the name X11 Rose Garden.

From April 2000, the development team began with a complete redevelopment of the Rose Garden on the basis of KDE/Qt3. Version 1.0 was released on 14 February 2005, the last version that line of development, which was built on Qt3/KDE3 version 1.7.3 on 2 February 2009. Then switching to Qt4, which coincided with a change of the version number was. The version number is now followed by the month number, about 10:02 for the published in February 2010 first version of this branch of the two-digit year.


  • Play and record MIDI and audio with ALSA and JACK
  • Piano Roll, analysis, schedule list, and track view editor
  • DSSI synth and audio effect plug-in support, with Windows VST effects and instruments support via dssi - vst
  • LADSPA audio effects plug-in support
  • JACK transport support for the synchronization of other audio software
  • Can also be used without JACK, for MIDI use
  • Performed analysis of MIDI data
  • Audio and MIDI Mixer
  • MIDI and Hydrogen data import
  • MIDI, Csound, LilyPond and MusicXML export ( with PostScript and PDF output file )
  • Language Packs ( only user interface ) for German, French, Spanish, Russian, UK and U.S. English, Welsh, Swedish, Estonian, Japanese, Chinese ( Simplified)
  • Help and Documentation is completely or partially in German, Swedish, Japanese and English
  • In combination with LilyPond typographically correct Sheet music can be set.