Renoise is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux sequencer music software for composition and production of music. With Renoise is - as, for example, Fast Tracker II - the core to a tracker, but the plans to integrate the capabilities of other music studio software.

  • 2.1 skills
  • 2.2 Storage Format
  • 2.3 sound generation



Renoise has been and is being created and improved for the most part of demosceners and is an evolution of the Spanish Noisetrekkers programmer " Arguru " aka " Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius ". The tracker, then still without a name, was initiated by Eduard Müller ( tactics ) and Zvonko Tesic ( Phazze ) in December 2000. In spring 2002 stable versions were available, and in the following years, the development team has continued to rise with specialists for test administration, Support and webpage.


The first beta of Renoise 2, a major release, was released on 3 September 2008 and had long demanded features, which have long become the norm in "professional" sequencers. These include, inter alia Plugin Delay Compensation, support for Audio Units, plugin support with various output channels and a non- tick -speed time -based model. Was introduced also a new effect column to use for events with a resolution of 1/256; especially for live recording offers a significantly more accurate recording quality.

Renoise now also has a "Signal Follower " and "cross -track routing". The signal follower analyzes the audio signal output stream of a track and automatically executes user- specified parameters, based on the generated values.

Technical Details


Core features of Renoise:

  • MIDI
  • VST 2.0 plug-ins and instruments
  • ASIO ( full version only)
  • ALSA (Linux)
  • Jack (Linux)
  • Mixer
  • An integrated high quality sampler (32 bit floating point) with interpolation option
  • Support of samples in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg and MP3 format
  • Instrument Editor with Envelope editors (curve graph ) for easy adjustment of all instruments
  • Included DSP effects, which can be extended to VST, AU and LADSPA plug-in effects
  • Master and send channels
  • Graphical automation for instruments, effects, VST effects and instruments, and MIDI ( see below)
  • In the full version - which is available for 58 EUR - hi-fi WAV Renderer ( 32 bit, 96 kHz, 2 interpolators ) to output the composition as a wav file.
  • Import and playback of all popular file formats
  • ReWire master and slave

About the so-called "Automation Devices", any parameter can be controlled, such as volume or cutoff frequency of a filter, but also any parameter of a VST instrument. There are, inter alia, the following modulation sources:

  • LFO (curves: sine, sawtooth, triangle, etc. or himself drawn curve)
  • Velocity value of each note played (Velocity Tracker Device)
  • Envelopes

Storage format

Renoise song files are stored as XRNS. Rns and since version 1.8 the XML-based format.. . XRNS is a new, free Tracker module format.

Sound generation

As usual with trackers, Renoise has a built in sampler. By the use of envelopes, filters, effects and functions of the LFO composer can generate a broad spectrum of sound from normal WAV samples. In addition, Renoise has various internal effects such as delay, reverb, reverb, distortion and PreReverb that can be routed to different tracks all. Samples can be decomposed into slices, which, if they are short enough to allow playback in other tenses, without changing the pitch (aka time-stretching ). Renoise controlled directly neither pitch shifting, time-stretching yet.

Reproduces sound using Renoise either the DirectSound interface, or (if you have the full version) the ASIO interface. With the full version of the music pieces can also be exported as a WAV file, which is a burn to CD or other post-processing, such as mastering, allows.


The Renoise - makers work with the organizers of the Evoke and Digitale Kultur eV closely and sponsor their music competitions regularly with several Renoise licenses.

One of the programmers of Renoise also programmed for Ableton. Among the better-known artists who use Renoise Venetian Snares heard.