ReWire is a software protocol for transmission of control and audio data in real time between two music programs. As a rule, a sequencer, so to speak virtually wired to a software synthesizer. Direct data transfer eliminates the detour of importing MIDI or audio files.

ReWire was developed in 1998 by the Swedish music software manufacturers Propellerhead Software. The first compatible products were ReBirth RB -338 by Propellerhead and Steinberg Cubase VST. 2001 ReWire has been greatly expanded in version 2.0 and has become through the support of many manufacturers as standard.

ReWire is a proprietary protocol and is therefore not in many open-source programs available. The protocol is indeed provided free of charge, however this only applies to companies, and ReWire source there should not be circulated. Comparable free alternatives are:

Under Mac OS X, you can create a local MIDI bus in the Audio MIDI utility.