Ableton AG is a Berlin-based music software. With a market share of 20 %, the company is in the premium segment of the sequencer to the three leading suppliers.

In addition to Live, which is the main figurehead, they developed the software instruments Operator and Sampler, the optional fee-based components of the program are live.

History / Origin

The Ableton AG was founded by the computer scientist and musician Gerhard Behle and the computer scientist Bernd Rogge village. Both worked together at the Berlin software company Native Instruments. The company Ableton AG was founded with the goal of developing a live improvisation and suitable music software. Robert further Henke is involved in the development of the software. He and Gerhard Behle put together the group Mono Lake dar. After the founding of Ableton Gerhard Behle focused exclusively on Ableton, while Robert Henke continues as Mono Lake creates music and collaborates up to today in Ableton.

1998 Ableton grand prize winner was the founder of the competition multimedia Federal Ministry of Economics and was able with the help of FUTOUR funding to finance the establishment of the company. 2005, a branch was opened in New York.

Ableton in 2009 achieved a turnover of 13.8 million euros, of which more than 90 % abroad.



Live is a sequencer and in conjunction with Logic, Pro Tools or Cubase a tool / " sequencing instrument " for music production. Its main strength lies in the real-time processing of samples and thereby enables the composing and improvising in real time. Therefore, it can be used by musicians, DJs and producers as an instrument.


The operator is based on FM synthesis synthesizer, largely developed by Robert Henke.


The multi- sampler is an instrument that is at the same time appeared with Live 6.


Push is a standard developed by Ableton and matched with the version 9 of Ableton Live to market hardware controller for Live. Ableton has cited as an instrument.


  • Electronic Musician - 2003 Editor's Choice (as well: 2005 and 2006)
  • PC Pro - PC Pro Recommendet Award
  • Macworld - Five Mice Rating
  • Remix - Remix Technology Award 2003, 2004, 2005
  • Musikmesse - m.i.p.a. 2004, 2005, 2006

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