Logic Pro

Logic [ lɑ ː dʒɪk ] is a software audio and MIDI sequencer. The program distinguishes between several types of tracks: including MIDI, Audio, Film, plug-in and mixer automation tracks. Logic is available as a pro or as an express version. The latter differs from the Pro version in price and functionality. Currently, however, only the Pro version is marketed by Apple.

Up to version " Logic 6 " the software by the German company Emagic was developed. Apple took over Emagic in 2002 and discontinued the development of Logic for the operating system Microsoft Windows. Since Logic is only available for Mac OS X. The last version that can be run under Windows, Logic 5.5.1 is. While version 6 still bore the name Emagic, Logic is officially an Apple product since version 7.

In addition, consolidated over 20 different Emagic Apple products, including all instruments and effect plug-ins, the CD authoring software called WaveBurner Pro, and Pro Tools TDM support package in a single product. This is called " Logic Pro".

  • 2.1 Logic Pro X


Logic provides functions for recording, editing, mixing and notation of music. In addition to the recording functions for MIDI and audio can also be found audio effect plug-ins, as well as an integrated sample library, known as Apple Loops ( since version 7), and more.

In Logic, MIDI, audio and parameter data can be added in the form of sequences / regions and graphically arranged on tracks. The tracks are further processed with the aid of virtual mixers, which are individually configurable. Likewise, MIDI audio tracks can be exported. In the so-called Environment all audio and MIDI devices can be configured and adapted to the needs of the user. Using user-configurable keyboard commands almost all functions of the program can be executed without the aid of a computer mouse, which accelerates the flow of work.

For audio editing are a whole series of virtual effects devices ( plug-ins ) are available. In addition to modulation effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and ensemble, dynamics processors such as compressor, limiter, gate, and expander and various delays Logic also offers a convolution reverb ( Space Designer ) and a vocoder ( EVOC20 ). Similarly Logic offers several virtual synthesizers ( ES1, ES2, EFM1, Sculpture ), sampler ( EXS24 ), emulations electromechanical instruments such as the Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 or Hohner Clavinet D6 ( EVP88, EVB3, EVD6 ), and a virtual drum machine with integrated step- Sequencer ( Ultrabeat ). In version 7 or 7.2, Logic Pro, a guitar amp simulation ( Guitar Amp Pro ) as well as a bass amp simulation (Bass Amp) include been added. In addition, loops and software instruments can be integrated, which were created for Apple's entry-level music program GarageBand since version 7. Apple now has five extensive Jam Packs with loops and samples brought out, which thus can also be used in Logic. Published in September Logic 8 version was enlarged ( Delay Designer ), and new types of compressors is a complex multi- tap delay. Also, the program was adapted to the requirements of the pervasive use 5.1 surround format, and equipped with the appropriate functions to the spatialization of sounds.

Logic can be extended with additional sound modules and effects plug-ins from other manufacturers. Until the last version of Logic Pro 6 was 9 supports the VST interface on OS; with the first 6 version, which was run under OS X, VST was replaced by the AU support ( AudioUnit ). This interface has become popular with the plugin manufacturers now and AU is offered parallel to the VST interface. If necessary, however, can convert to AU with the additional program of the company Fxpansion " VST - AU adapter " VST plug-ins.

Since version 7 Logic contains the same stage mood also the possibility of various fixed moods ( historical and self-defined ) and the dynamic tuning system Hermode Tuning (HMT ) for the internal audio to use instruments.

File Extensions of Logic are mainly. LSO

Logic Studio / Logic Pro 8

Since 2008, Apple comes with a software package consisting of 8 Logic / Mainstage / Soundtrack Pro and WaveBurner a now integrated on the market. The new One -window concept, the entire software can now operate from a window, the old way of working with multiple windows (screen sets) is still possible. Several plug-ins have been improved and extended by the stereo or surround applications. The " Space Designer " (digital reverb, based on impulse responses ) is now in true stereo instead of mono to stereo before and was expanded to include a library of surround impulse responses. Add to Ultrabeat can invite complete sample sets. In the mixer section post-pan send controls have been added. The new CAF format removes the 4 GB of memory. About the Media Browser can be the supplied samples and instruments may be embedded easily and preview.

Logic Studio / Logic Pro 9

In summer 2009, Apple has with Logic 9 update to the software package described above published ( much better processor load balancing for multi- core processors, improved node operation via Ethernet, improved importing projects in songs, Flex Time function, Bounce to Track, guitar amp plug- In ( Amp Designer ) and Pedalboard plug-in ). Since the update to version 9.1.1 it is also possible to use Logic Pro without limitations in 64- bit mode. At the same time was published that Logic Pro no longer supported until further notice the Pro Tools TDM system from Avid.

Logic Studio / Logic Pro X

On July 16, 2013 Logic Pro X was introduced by Apple. According to the official website, there are now new features, which among other things that were plug- in extends libraries and new plug-ins have been added. In addition, the entire user interface has changed so that the software can now appear in dark gray.


Logic Pro X

  • Flextime: Flextime is a collection of functions for fast editing timing and tempo. This allows the audio edit without cutting.
  • Production tool: Using the new production tools can edit any parts of recordings, cuts or mixtures musicians.
  • Guitar Equipment: Amps, EQs, reverbs, speaker cabinets and microphones can be freely combined and edited with a new collection of stompboxes.
  • Main Stage 3: With MainStage 3 be on stage all the instruments and effects available, which were also used in the recording. The program also adds a virtual player added to the background track and a live loop recorder.

Copy protection

Since 2012 Logic is purchasable only through the AppStore from 10.6 and can thus be used on up to 5 Macs at the same time. Logic is protected by entering a serial number from unauthorized duplication ( black copies) and can be installed on either a desktop and a mobile Mac, according to instructions. A dongle is no longer required. An update however requires in contrast to the full version of the comparison with the dongle.