Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ( ANZAC ) was an army corps of the armed forces of the British Empire during the First World War. It was formed from Australians and New Zealanders. The ANZAC fought at the Battle of Gallipoli, in the Middle East as well as in France and Belgium.

In Australia, New Zealand and Tonga is celebrated ANZAC Day to commemorate the fallen of the Corps. This holiday we commit every year on 25 April, when the ANZAC in 1915 ended the day on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the Allied Dardanellenoperation.


The original formation, which took in the spring of 1915 in what became known as ANZAC Cove on Gallipoli against the Turkish defenders, under the command of General William Birdwood. It was composed of the 1st Australian Division under Major General William Throsby Bridges and the New Zealand and Australian Division. Three Australian and a New Zealand Cavalry Brigade were used during this battle as infantry units. The 2nd Australian Division reached the peninsula in August 1915. Several other battalions were joined in the final battle months.

After the failed Dardanellenoperation fielded the ANZAC in Egypt again. The New Zealand share was separated as an independent New Zealand Division of the Corps. The Australian units went through a restructuring. They were divided into the 4th Australian Division and the 5th Australian Division. ( The 3rd Australian Division was created in the home country and then sent directly to the UK and France)

It was formed three divisions into two new army corps, I. ANZAC Corps and II Anzac Corps. During this time, " ANZAC " has become a common short form. This means that all associations were called, were made up of Australian and New Zealand units. The I ANZAC Corps was assigned under the command of General Birdwood in 1916 to France. The commanded by General Alexander Godley II Corps followed shortly afterwards.

The ANZAC Mounted Division ( Mounted Division ) was also reorganized. Your new application area was the Middle East, particularly Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula and Palestine.

On the western front the ANZAC was involved in many battles. Australian and New Zealand units are moved into the Somme battlefield under some British associations. Only during the Battle of Pozières joined the ANZAC as a whole ( I. ANZAC consisting of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Division ).

1919 General Birdwood was appointed to the peer with the title " Baron Birdwood, of Anzac ".

ANZAC military cemeteries

  • Ariburnu Anzac Bay, Turkey
  • Kanlı SIRT ( Lone Pine ), Turkey
  • Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery at Krithia, Turkey
  • Beersheba, Israel