Austria women's ice hockey Bundesliga

The Women's Hockey League ( short DEBL ) in Austria is the highest league in women's ice hockey and is de facto the second power level below the international transmitted Elite Women's Hockey League ( EHWL ) dar. Contrary to the usual rules of the national title is not played in the DEBL, but decided in a separate tournament in which the top ranked teams in the Austrian EWHL and, changing from season to season, some representatives of the DEBL participate.

Unlike to 2006 in Germany, the DEBL single track is played since its founding. Here, every year took between four and eight teams in the league in part, with similar in 2008/ 09 season as in the Erste Bank Hockey League in the men with the HK Triglav first time a foreign team in the field of participants on chien.

New mode since 2009/10

Until the current season, the DEBL had its own self-contained Championship, but the lack of significance of the played track had no great importance. This changed with the season 2009/10. With nine teams take as many teams as never before participated in the league. After the end of the main passage in DEBL and EWHL ( six teams, two from Austria ) play the two EWHL participants and the top four teams of the Austrian DEBL in a placement round in two groups seeding for the playoffs. In this then the Austrian champion is determined. This is partly to the DEBL upgraded and on the other hand a stronger bond between the two women's leagues are achieved.

Medal Tally