Awe (disambiguation)

The abbreviation AR stands for:

  • Automotive plant in Eisenach, a former automobile manufacturers
  • Automotive world Eisenach, a car museum
  • Address Windowing Extension, a Windows extension to support more than 4 GB of main memory
  • Alowe, an airport in Gabon, as an international airport code
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment, a British manufacturer of nuclear warheads
  • Automatic reclosing
  • U.S. Airways, according to the ICAO code
  • Sound Blaster AWE ... - product line of sound cards manufactured by Creative Labs
  • AWE ... - product line of weighing electronics manufacturer PAARI

Awe referred to in geography:

  • Awe (Kentucky), in the United States
  • River Awe, a river in Scotland
  • Loch Awe, the third largest freshwater lake in Scotland

Awe is the surname of the following persons:

  • Jon Awe ( born 1980 ), American ice hockey player
  • Awe Walther (1900-1968), German pharmacist and university teachers
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