Izz al -Din Aybak al - Turkomani ( throne name: al- Mu'izz Izz al -Din Aybak / المعز عز الدين أيبك / al -Mu ʿ izz ʿ Izz ad -Din Aibak, † 1257 ) was a Turkish-born Mameluke of 1250 for Sultan of Egypt uprising. His throne name was al -Malik al -Mu'izz.

After the assassination of Ayyubidensultans Turan Shah (1249-1250) by Faris ad-Din Aktay was among the first ambiguity about the Mamluk takeover. Therefore, the rule was initially carry malicious crowd ad - major, the favorite wife of Salih Ayyub as- ( 1240-1249 ).

Since this was not recognized by the Ayyubids in Syria, decided to Mamlukenemire, to marry her to their respected leader Aybak. Aybak was now Sultan and assumed the throne name al -Malik al - Muizz. In order to strengthen the legitimacy of his rule, the six-year Ayyubidenprinz al - Ashraf Musa was appointed Mitsultan and put Egypt under the "protection" of the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad. However, malicious crowd ad -Dur kept on a high influence by claiming control over the state finances.

However, these measures failed to prevent the waste of Syria under the Ayyubid al-Nasir Yusuf of Aleppo. After the occupation of Damascus before he came to Egypt, but was defeated by the Mamluks under General Aktay in the Battle of al - Kura on the Nile crucial ( February 2, 1251 ). After securing his reign of al - Ashraf Musa Mitsultan was deposed in 1254 and thus the dynasty of the Ayyubids in Egypt finally eliminated.

However, it soon came to tensions with other Mamlukenemiren, who also aspired to power. So General Aktay was murdered in 1254 after he had broken a major revolt in the Nile Delta. In the following arguments Aktays supporters fled, including Baibars, according to the prince of Kerak, Jordan. After securing his power in Egypt Aybak tried to extend his rule on Syria. But when he wanted to form an alliance with the ruler of Mosul and seal this through marriage, he was murdered by malicious crowd ad major, feared for their political influence in 1257.

First his son Nur al -Din Ali, was elected successor of Aybak. Since he was only 15 years old, Qutuz exercised the regency, but got up after a short time already even the Sultan of Egypt ( 1259-1260 ).