Aznar Galíndez I

Aznar I. Galíndez was a minister of the Carolingians in the Spanish market in the early 9th century. He is the father of the incumbent in the county of Aragón Galíndez Dynasty.

The Frankish kingdom annals as the year 824, the counts Aeblus and Asinarius of Emperor Louis the Pious were sent out at the top of Basque troops to Pamplona, apparently there to stabilize the authority of the Frankish Empire. Both, however, were there fall into an ambush of the local mountain dwellers, possibly led by Íñigo Arista, and were captured. While Aeblus was sent as a prisoner to the Emir of Córdoba, was Asinarius were released because of its relationship to the Basques in order to return to the court of the Emperor can.

The words related to the Basques or even of them derived Asinarius was in all probability with the mentioned in the Codex de Roda Count of Aragón, I. Aznar Galíndez ( Asnari Galindones ), identical. Apparently he had practiced as a follower of the Carolingians the function of an official count in the valley of the River Aragon, with its capital Jaca. This county provided the westernmost administrative district of the Spanish Mark the Frankish Empire is, directly to the west controlled by the remained independent Basque region around Pamplona adjacent that could always resist the claim to power of the Frankish kings successfully (see Battle of Roncesvalles ). At a date not specified Aznar was being chased away " evil " of Aragón by his son García Galíndez; his son Centulio was murdered there.

As the Codex de Roda further reported Aznar had returned after this betrayal of the Frankish royal court and had been used a little later than Graf in Cerdanya and Urgell. The credibility of this statement, however, is in doubt. Firstly, because they should be returned Charlemagne as those indicating king at whose court Aznar, but this may not be correct chronological reasons. Secondly, because had held office between the years 820 and 840 in the counties of Cerdanya and Urgell Count Sunifred I.. When Aznar Galíndez died is unknown. Occasionally the identified as identical to the Count of Gascony, Aznar, who was 836 died in rebellion against the reign of King Pepin I of Aquitaine a cruel death. However, around the year 835 patch certificate documenting of the Abbey of Pessan has this from the son of a Sancho.

The wife of Aznar I. Galíndez was, according to the Codex de Roda, a daughter of King García Iñiguez of Pamplona († 882 ), but this chronological reasons probably is even more misinformation this chronicle. Apparently he was here were confused with the homonymous grandson. His children were:

  • Centulio Aznárez ( murdered by brother in law ).
  • Galindo I. Aznárez, Count of Aragon.
  • Matrona Aznárez; ∞ with García Galíndez " evil ".
  • Ailo Aznárez.