The Linha Verde is a privately built and paid highway in Brazil. It replaces partially the state road BA -099 in the state of Bahia, which connects the town since Lauro de Freitas as a district of Salvador Bahia with the northern beaches and resorts in the State of Bahia. The first section is called this highway also Estrada do Coco, because there are many coconut plantations in this region.

Some of the most famous places on the Linha Verde are:

  • Arembepe,
  • Guarajuba,
  • Imbassaí,
  • Praia do Forte,
  • Porto do Sauipe,
  • Massarandupió,
  • Subaúma,
  • Baixio,
  • Itariri,
  • Sitio do Conde
  • Costa Azul

And Mangue Seco on the border with Sergipe.

The Linha Verde ends at the State Border of the neighboring Bahia - Sergipe.

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