Baabul (2006 film)

Baabul (Hindi: बाबुल, Babul, Urdu: بابل ). 's A Hindi film directed by Ravi Chopra 's 2006 Although the film shows many well-known Indian stars and he has also been heavily publicized, flopped at the box office.


Balraj Kapoor is a wealthy businessman, happy and content with his world. He and his wife are the proud parents of their son Shobhna Avinash, who has studied and lived for seven years abroad and now returns to the Indian homeland. Soon after his return, he falls in love with the pretty Malvika. But it has fallen out after a silly mishap with his father Balraj and so Avinash returns as a man from a poor background and captured her heart.

Finally, the truth is flying on, but Balraj asks Malvika yet to marry her son. She agrees and soon after the wedding she gives her husband a son. But the fatal accident by Avinash destroyed their happiness and Malvika falls into a depression.

Balraj can not bear Malvikas sadness and want to bring happiness into their lives. He meets Rajat, the best friend of Malvika and secretly in love with them for years. Balraj asks him if he wants to marry Malvika, but Balraj 's elder brother Balwant opposes this decision. Finally, he is persuaded by his brother and agrees to the marriage. Now, Rajat and Malvika nothing stands in the way and make the covenant of marriage.