Badge of Honour of the Bundeswehr

The Honour of the Bundeswehr in 1980 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Armed Forces donated by the Federal Minister of Defence Hans Apel and approved on 29 October 1980 at the Sixth decree on the approval of the Foundation and awarding of medals and decorations by the Federal President Karl Carstens. For the first time the award was given on 6 November 1980.

On 13 August 2008, the new Honorary Cross for bravery, as well as special forms of Ehrenkeuze in gold and silver was donated for outstanding individual acts of Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung. They were approved by Federal President Horst Köhler on 18 September 2008. This was occasioned by rising foreign missions of the Bundeswehr, the " place high demands and pose a risk to life and limb ." The first honorary Crosses for valor were handed out on July 6, 2009 by Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The award is made by the Federal Minister of Defense " as a visible recognition for faithful service and in recognition of exemplary military duty " and will be handed out as a rule by disciplinary superior in rank of battalion commander.

For special services - such as after a life-saving - can the decorations also be awarded before reaching the minimum period of service. The lower level award is not a requirement for the award of a higher level, so that the stages of Honour may also be worn next to each other.

In exceptional cases, civilians and soldiers of foreign armed forces may be honored so that when they have " made ​​worthy of the Bundeswehr" to.

The new special stage for bravery, as well as the two at the same time created special versions of the stages of silver and gold, are awarded without achievement of a minimum service period.

Stages and carrying method

The Honour of the Bundeswehr is presented in five stages and including the two special versions, there are a total of seven versions of it:

The Medal of Honor and the Cross of Honour are awarded to a black-red- golden ribbon together with a certificate.

On the day of delivery of the decoration is carried at its original size battle dress, service dress and evening dress. Otherwise, it will, as it is awarded with ribbon, worn on the service uniform to the band buckle. For special official occasions, state receptions / State acts or personal reasons for special social events it can service and be worn ( miniature size ) at full dress in original size.

Belt buckle of the Cross of Honor for bravery

Medal of Honour of the Bundeswehr ( from left to right: front with belt buckle, back)

Cross of Honor for bravery

Ceremonies of the special stages

From the first ceremony 2009 25 Honorary Crosses for valor were awarded until 2011. The honor crosses in particular embodiments have been awarded 96 times to 2011 in gold and 142 times in silver.

The honorees are:

Bundeswehr Cross of Honour for Bravery

Bundeswehr Cross of Honour in Gold for special design

Bundeswehr Cross of Honour in Silver in a special design