Bandial language

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Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Westatlantisch Bak


Bandial (also Diola - Bandial ) is a language that is spoken in Casamance in southern Senegal.

It is a Bak - language that is inherent in the northern branch of the West Atlantic languages ​​, which are themselves members of the Niger -Congo language family.

The alternative name for the language is Banjaal.


In 2002 the Bandial of 10,125 people was spoken in Senegal.


The Bandial is present in the Casamance villages of Affiniam, Badiate -Grand, Bandial, Brin, Enampore, Essyl, Etama, Kamobeul and Séléki.

With the exception of Affiniam all these places are within a zone that is bounded by the Casamance River in the north, the Bolong Komobeul in the west, the route Ziguinchor Oussouye in the south and the route Brin - Niassia in the east.

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