Barber Pro Series

The Barber Dodge Pro Series, also known as the Barber Pro Series (English ) was a discharged 1986-2003 racing series for single-seaters. It was not driven by amateurs, but paid drivers. The cars were subject to uniform rules and can be considered as brand formula. Mainly road courses were traveled, but also some oval courses. Was initiated the series of the former Formula 1 driver and racing school owner Skip Barber. Depending on the engine supplier was the series when introducing " Barber Saab Pro Series " and was later renamed. Due to disagreements within the association " Championship Auto Racing Teams ", the series was discontinued in 2004.


In a tube -frame chassis made ​​of duralumin of Mondiale initially worked for a Saab H engine ( four-cylinder in-line engine with 16 valves ) with turbocharger and just under 2 liters. This had 225 American SAE horsepower. In 1995 this was replaced by a 240 hp 3.2l Dodge V6 engine and the name of the series changed. The development of the engine later brought benefits to 265 hp.

In 1998, the tube -frame chassis was replaced by a monocoque of Reynard.

1986 and 1987 drove the cars on road tires; from 1988 slicks were allowed.


Pictures of Barber Pro Series