Baritone saxophone

The baritone saxophone is a musical instrument from the woodwind family. It is a saxophone in the low register it. Some versions have a deep -A- flap, with the sounding of the tone C can be played. It is used less frequently as a soloist, but is supporting element of the saxophone set of big bands and plays a central role in the saxophone quartet. Due to the warm and rich sound it is partly the cello in the tone very close.

Range: (C ) Des - a1. With the so-called " Overtones " (see overtones ), however, can also be played in much higher elevations. The melodious sound C can only be played on instruments with low -A- flap.

Important baritone saxophonist

The most important representatives of the jazz baritone saxophone are Céline Bonacina, Harry Carney, Cecil Payne, Leo Parker, Gerry Mulligan, Sahib Shihab, Pepper Adams, Julian Argüelles, Hamiet Bluiett, Nick Brignola, Serge Chaloff, Ronnie Cuber, Lars Gullin, George Haslam, Günter Kronberg, Stephen Kupka, John Oslawski, Ronnie Ross, Gary Smulyan, John Surman, Scott Robinson and Ian Underwood.

In the classical and contemporary music, the baritone saxophone is most commonly used as a second instrument, although the formation Saxophone Quartet delighted in classical chamber music increasing popularity. Important baritone saxophonists are here Linda Bangs, Kenneth Coon of the Rascher Saxophone Quartet, Matthias Schröder from Pindakaas saxophone quartet or Willem van Merwijk from Aurelia Saxophone Quartet.