Barony Rosendal

The Barony Rosendal is the only barony in Norway. It is located in the village of Rosendal ( municipality Kvinnherad ).

Originally, the Barony was the Good Hatteberg and a wedding gift for Karen Mowat, then richest heiress of Norway, and Ludvig Rosenkrantz when she married 1658. The castle was completed in 1665 and King Christian V of Denmark-Norway proclaimed the Good 1678 the Barony. Since 1927 it is owned by the University of Oslo.

Today, the Barony is a museum. It is interesting to Pompei room with imprints of friezes of the excavations of Pompeii. In addition, the Yellow Room in the Norwegian Empire style. The double ax and the armor of Magnus VII Eriksson are on display here with an extensive coin and paper collection. The old Renaissance garden is now planted with roses and perfectly in line with the designed in the mid-19th century romantic landscape garden. Impressive is the location of the barony between the mountains and Melderskin Malmangernuten, a motif that has been painted by many Norwegian painters of Romanticism.