Rosendal, Norway

Rosendal is a place in Norway and also the administrative headquarters of Kvinnherad commune and its biggest tourist center.

Geographically, Rosendal at the output of the Hardanger fjord between the mountains Melderskin (1426 m) and Malmangernuten ( 890 m). From Rosendal you can reach the Myrdal with the fish-rich Myrdalsee at its end.

The Barony Rosendal - - ​​In Rosendal also the largest tourist attraction in the municipality is located a museum that throws light on the time of the Union of Norway with Denmark. In addition, the Kvinnherad church, a stone church from 1250, interesting. In the village there is also a shipbuilding museum.

59.9833055555566.0166388888889Koordinaten: 59 ° 59 'N, 6 ° 1' O

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