Battle of Cabra

The Battle of Cabra decided in 1079 a military conflict between the Taifa of Seville and Granada Emirates. She found in the southern Spanish province of Córdoba held today ( Cabra today ) near the border town of Egabro or Igabrum. The battle ended with a victory in Seville.

At the battle knights on both sides were involved from the Kingdom of Castile, who at that time at the courts of the two opponents, the Moorish Abbadids Muhammad al- Mutamid of Seville and the Berber Zirids Abdallah Buluggin of Granada, were staying in order for their king Tribute to levy.

So led Rodrigo Diaz, later known as El Cid, the troops of Seville, while the Berbers were supported by Count García Ordóñez. In the course of the victorious battle for Sevilla succeeded the Cid, García Ordóñez capture in embarrassing fashion, according to legend, he cut him as a humble gesture of the beard. Presumably both had been internal adversaries on Castilian court before this incident, at least justified this incident a long enmity between García and the Cid.

Probably because of his participation in this discussion of the Cid was at King Alfonso VI. of Castile into disfavor and was banished little later.