Baudin expedition to Australia

Led by Nicolas Baudin Baudin expedition was a French expedition to explore the coast of Australia. The expedition started on October 19, 1800 with two ships, the corvette Géographe, led by Baudin, and the Naturaliste, led by Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin, in Le Havre and was accompanied by nine zoologists and botanists, including Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour. Nicolas Baudin, commander of the expedition, died in 1803 of tuberculosis on the Ile de France (now Mauritius).

Expedition course

The expedition reached Australia in May 1801. When the British learned that a French expedition in the vicinity of their colony Port Jackson ( Sydney ) was on the way, the British sent under the command of Matthew Flinders also a cartographic expedition to accommodate the coasts of Australia. The French expedition met on 8 April 1802 in the Encounter Bay Flinders together. The scientists met peaceful, even though both countries were at war with each state.

The success of the Baudin expedition also contributed the two naturalist Charles Alexandre Lesueur and François Péron, the more than 100,000 species documented after the death of the original zoologist René Maugé, of which 2,500 were unknown, and which contributed so greatly to the study of Australian fauna.

The expedition stopped later in Port Jackson ( Sydney ) to receive supplies. Baudin acquired a new ship, the Casuarina, which is named after the wood from which it was manufactured. From there he sent back the Naturaliste to France, with all species that had the expedition collected to this site.

From Sydney, the ships sailed to Tasmania before continuing sailed to Timor. On their way back they stopped in Mauritius, where Baudin died of tuberculosis.

An inscription on their voyage, leaving the members of the ship Géographe on Kangaroo Island, Australia in 1803.

Baudin is mentioned by the authors of the official trip report, François Péron and Louis de Freycinet, with no word. The maps published in the Atlas of this trip report are based in part on the confiscated in Mauritius recordings of English Flinders competitors. Baudin's own ship's log of trip to Australia was not published until 1974.


According to statements made by Bory de Saint -Vincent, the naval officers were especially suited to the expedition of Sciences to conduct in a civilized form

" ( ..) Les officiers de marine destinés conduire à les natura listes étaient d'un choix excellent, et ce qu'on ne trouve pas chez toutes les personnes de leur état ​​d'une amabilité et d'une urbanité parfaites "

At the beginning of the trip were 118 men on board the Géographe, 120 on board the Naturaliste: In addition to the captains were on board the naturalist Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour ( 1773-1826 ), René Maugé, Stanislas Levillain ( 1774-1801 ), François Péron, Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint- Vincent ( of the expedition to Mauritius left ) and Désiré Dumont, the artist Charles -Alexandre Lesueur, the Petit Nicolas -Martin ( 1777-1804 ) stood at one side, the astronomer Pierre -François Bernier and Frédéric de Bissy (1768-1803), the cartographer Charles -Pierre Boullanger, the mineralogist Louis Depuch and Joseph Charles Bailly (1777-1844) and the sailor Hyacinthe de Bougainville.

Participants on board Le Géographe

  • Nicolas Baudin has long been an officer in the merchant navy, was captain, geographer and the commander of the expedition, commandant de l' expédition.
  • Alexandre Le Bas de Sainte -Croix (1759-1828) Capitaine de frégate was the second officer on board the Le Géographe.
  • Pierre Guillaume Gicquel des Touches (1770-1824) was lieutenant, lieutenant de vaisseau.
  • Charles Baudin was another lieutenant, lieutenant de vaisseau.
  • Louis Henri de Saulces de Freycinet (1777-1840) was helmsman.
  • François- Michel Ronsard (1766-1840) was the engineer on board, Ingénieur constructeur, the Le Géographe
  • Charles -Pierre Boullanger (1772-1813), Geographer.
  • Jacques -Gérard Milbert (1766-1840) chief draftsman on board the Le Géographe
  • Louis Lebrun signatory to the Le Géographe
  • Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint -Vincent staff officer, chief zoologist.
  • François- Étienne de L' Haridon Créménec (1768-1807) ship's doctor.
  • Hubert Jules Taillefer (1779-1866), a physician at the Le Géographe
  • Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour naturalist and botanist.
  • René Maugé de Cely († 1802) naturalist.
  • Stanislas Levillain (1774-1801) zoologist.
  • François Péron zoologist.

Participants on board Le Naturaliste

  • Captain of the frigate, Capitaine de Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin frégate est le commandant du Naturaliste et le second officier de l' expédition5.
  • Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint -Vincent, lieutenant de vaisseau et marin
  • Pierre Bernard Milius (1773-1829), another lieutenant.
  • Furcy Picquet (1777-1831), a midshipman, enseigne on Le Naturaliste and then on the Le Géographe.
  • Louis Henri de Saulces de Freycinet another cadet.
  • François Heirisson (1776-1834) an ensign.
  • Jacques de Saint- Cricq (1781-1819) an ensign.
  • Hyacinthe Yves Philippe Florentin de Bougainville (1781-1846) ensign.
  • Charles Moreau ( † 1808), a midshipman.
  • Stanislas Étienne Giraud (1778-1804) officer.
  • Thomas Timothée Vasse (* 1774) second officer.