Beata Naigambo

Beata Naigambo ( Beata Nandjala Naigambo; born March 11, 1980 in Oilagati, Namibia ) is a Namibian marathon runner.

The 1.60 meter tall athlete is the mother of a daughter and is coached by Tobias Hezekiah.

As a third of Pyongyang Marathon 2008, she presented with 2:33:17 h on a national record and qualified for the Olympic Games in Beijing, where she arrived on the 28th place in 2:33:29 h. At the World Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2009 she finished in 2:33:05 h 24th place. Two months later, she won the Eindhoven Marathon and won with a time of 2:31:01 h back the national record of Helalia John. At the Hamburg Marathon 2010 she reached the 3rd place in a time of 2:33:00 hours.

Naigambo was in the squad of the Namibian team for the 2012 Summer Olympics, finishing in London in the Olympic final with a time of 2:31,12 hours achieved the 38th rank on the marathon route.