Beerberg on Jan Mayen

Austrian card from the 1880 Jahrenbdep2


The Beer Mountain is the northernmost located above sea level active volcano on earth. Its highest point on the western side of the crater is 2277 m above sea level and is named after the Norwegian King Haakon VII.


The type of stratovolcano belonging mountain located on the island belonging to Norway Jan Mayen in the Greenland Sea. It is located on a tectonic fault zone (Jan Mayen Transform Fault ) that connects two sections of the mid-Atlantic ridge together. The entire region is attributed to the hotspot volcanism.

The Beerberg forms the entire northern part of the island (North -Jan ). He is heavily glaciated, its ice cap covers an area of ​​114.2 km ². Of the running in all directions glaciers calve five streams directly into the sea. The largest glacier is the Sørbreen with an area of ​​15 km ² and a length of 8.7 km. From the main crater of Mount Beer from the mighty Weyprecht glacier extends to the northwest coast of the island.

The first known ascent of Mount Beer took place on August 11, 1921 by James Wordie and five other men of his expedition.

In April 1944, the climb was repeated by Per Magne Wexels and space that belonged to the crew of the Norwegian meteorological station that was set up during the Second World War to Jan Mayen.


The earliest documented outbreak occurred in 1616. During the years 1732 and 1818 there were also outbreaks. Until the renewed outbreak in 1970, the volcano was considered extinct; 1984/85 was the last time phase of activity recorded.

Eyewitness report from 1732

The first report of an outbreak stems from a Hamburg captain Johann Jacob rennet, which had to anchor because of adverse wind conditions near the island on their way to Greenland to 17 May 1732.

Shortly afterwards, the eruption began with dull rumble, the team noticed flames and flashes, then moved to fog. The team being in an agony. After the ship the next day was finally able to set sail and already about 15 nautical miles was removed from the island, went down a cold rain of ash over the ship. But managed to escape unscathed.

Pictures of Beerenberg