Baketaton, also Baket - Aton or Beketaton, an ancient Egyptian princess of the 18th dynasty ( New Kingdom ).

Origin and Title

The origin of Baketaton is unknown. What is certain, however, their classification in the time and family to Amenhotep III. and Amenhotep IV ( Akhenaten ) apply, since the few documents that exist about them, so far only come from Akhetaten. There are no known representations that explicitly a father or a mother of this king's daughter name, so all assumptions about their parents represent guesses.

Baketaton holds the title of " King's Daughter". However, there are no illustrations, which have approximately the text " daughter of the king, of his body, which he loves, born of the Great Royal Wife Nefer - Neferu- Aten Nefertiti ," as is the case with all six daughters of Nefertiti. This can be ruled out that she was a daughter of Nefertiti and Akhenaten.


The illustrations are Baketatons but always closely associated with the Great Royal Wife Tiye. Thus, for example, shows a page of a relief of a lintel in the grave of the asset manager and superintendent harem Huja in Akhetaten Princess Baketaton along with Queen Tiye. Both are of Amenhophis III. welcomes and this lift as a sign of reverence one hand. The other side of the relief showing Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their six daughters. Two other scenes show Baketaton represent as captured by an artist and as Akhenaten, Tiye and they enter a temple.

Conclusions of the research

The most obvious conclusion of these representations is, therefore, Baketaton as a daughter of Amenhotep III. and Tiye to see. This, it is argued, among other things by the Egyptologist Cyril Aldred and Christiane Desroches Noble Court.

Marc Gabolde other hand, sees Baketaton as a daughter of Akhenaten and his great lover Kiya. The relationship of Tiye to Baketaton was therefore rather been that of a queen to her granddaughter.

Nicholas Reeves finally introduces two further models to parenthood: This mysterious princess could be the one hand was the king's daughter Sitamun who had adopted a custom name for this time in the Amarna period. On the other hand Baketaton could also be a daughter of Amenhotep III. have been and Sitamuns.

Lifetime, time of death and grave Baketatons are also unknown, but it is also in no inscription called after the death Tejes more.