Sitamun, also Sit -Amun or Zatamun, actually Satamun, was an ancient Egyptian princess of the 18th dynasty and the first-born daughter of King (Pharaoh) Amenhotep III. and his Great Royal Wife Tiye.



Objects with their names are relatively numerous. In the grave ( KV46 ) of their grandparents, Yuya and Tuya was a throne that belonged to her and on which a servant is shown, which gives her the gold of the southern countries. Another throne from the same grave shows it to her mother Tiye. A relief block which probably shows her picture, is from the mortuary temple of Amenhotep II by other finds there is evidence that Amenhotep III. has to build this temple.


Presumably, in the 30th year of reign she married her father Amenhotep III. and was later her sister Isis, whose " Great Royal Wife". This marriage does not necessarily mean a inzestiöses ratio, but could well also have ritual - religious character.


From the Amarna period nothing is known of this princess. There is the argument that it was identical with Baketaton and have adopted this new name under the rule of her brother Akhenaten.