Bernd Neumann

Bernd Otto Neumann ( born January 6, 1942 in Elbląg ) is a German politician ( CDU).

From 2005 to 2013 Neumann was Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

From 1991 to 1994 Neumann was Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister for Research and Technology and from 1994 to 1998 by the Federal Minister for Education, Science, Research and Technology.


Family, education and vocational

After the expulsion from West Prussia, the family of three Neumann came in the winter of 1945 with a refugee trek in the Lüneburg Heath. The parents initially earned a living in agriculture. 1953 the family moved to Bremen, where Neumann spent his childhood and youth more. After graduation in 1961 at the Gerhard- Rohlfs -Gymnasium in Vegesack he made his first military service. From 1963 to 1966 he studied at the Pedagogical University of Bremen. He then worked as a secondary school teacher in the school at the Kerschensteinerstrasse in Vegesack. 1971 Neumann was on leave for his political activities by the service.

Bernd Neumann has remarried and has two children.



Since 1962, Neumann is a member of the CDU. Here he engaged first in the Junge Union, the state chairman in Bremen, he was from 1967 to 1973. From 1969 to 1973, he also belonged to the JU federal board, since 1971 as deputy national chairman.

Neumann is a member of Bremen's CDU Land Executive Board since 1967. From 1979 to 2008 he was state chairman of the CDU Bremen and thus the nation's longest serving in the history of the party. In the state elections in 1975, 1979 and 1983 Neumann was the top candidate of the CDU for the office of Mayor and President of the Senate of Bremen. From 1975 to 2008 Neumann was also a member of the CDU Federal Board and was succeeded by Thomas Röwekamp.

Member of Parliament

From 1971 to 1987 Neumann was a member of the Bremen City Parliament. Here he was from 1973 Chairman of the CDU faction.

From 1987 to 2013 Neumann was a member of the German Bundestag. Here he was from 1998 to 2005 chairman of the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group in the Committee for Culture and Media.

Bernd Neumann has always drawn on the state list of Bremen in the Bundestag. His constituency is home to Bremen II - Bremerhaven. In the general election in 2013 he no longer went to.

Public offices

On January 24, 1991 Neumann was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister for Research and Technology in the formed by Chancellor Helmut Kohl after the parliamentary election in 1990 days before the Kohl IV. After the general election in October 1994, he moved in the same capacity with the Federal Minister for Education, Science, Research and Technology. After the 1998 election ( change of government Cabinet Kohl V => Cabinet Schröder I), he retired on 26 October 1998 from the office. ( Julian Nida- Rümelin was from January 2001 Minister of Culture ).

On 22 November 2005 Neumann was appointed Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, and held office until 17 December 2013. Since 28 March 2006, he is a representative of the Federal Government in the ZDF Administrative Board.

Beginning of November 2009 came Neumann's authority in the public criticism after media reports about the censorship of exhibition texts of their area of ​​responsibility assumed the German Historical Museum.

Neumann was (until 2013? ) Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ' cultural events of the Federation in Berlin GmbH ' and the Board of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Museum and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Neumann was elected on February 12, 2014 at the inaugural session as the new Chairman of the FFA Board of Directors and is thus also Chairman of the Presidium FFA ( succeeds Eberhard Junkersdorf ).

Action against Abmahnkostendeckelung

In February 2013, Neumann continued internally against the planned "anti- rip- law," the federal government (Cabinet Merkel II), the consumers from the excesses of Abmahnens for profit ( rather than for ensuring the omission) is intended to protect. The design should be modified again: Wrongly Abgemahnt should have only limited entitled to reimbursement of its legal costs, the cap on the amount in dispute are also weakened on vaguely worded exceptions. (For more details here )


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