Bertrand Tavernier

Bertrand Tavernier ( born April 25, 1941 in Lyon ) is a French film director.


Bertrand Tavernier is from Lyon and is a son of the writer and essayist René Tavernier. Together with Volker Schlöndorff, he attended the Lycée Henri IV in Paris. He first studied law and wrote film reviews in various magazines. Later he worked as an assistant director on Jean -Pierre Melville and as a press agent.

From 1965 to 1980 he was married to the British Colo O'Hagan. He has a daughter named Tiffany and a son, Nils Tavernier ( born September 1, 1965), which is also active as a director and as an actor.

After two short films from the year 1964 and a failed film project for which James Mason and Jacques Brel were provided was The Clockmaker by Georges Simenon's novel The Watchmaker of Everton Tavernier's first feature film. Tavernier transferred the plot in his hometown of Lyon and extended it to a political dimension. The film won a Silver Bear and the Louis- Delluc Prize 1974. Tavernier's biggest success was the jazz movie at midnight in 1986 with saxophonist Dexter Gordon in the lead role and the music of Herbie Hancock, who won the Oscar for this music. Tavernier has also remained true to his profession as a director as a film writer and has published several books on cinema. In many of his films Christine Pascal played, which comes as Tavernier from Lyon, and Philippe Noiret with.


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