BG Göttingen

The BG 74 Göttingen ( Göttingen Community Basketball Association) is a Göttingen sports club with a focus on basketball. Thanks to years of association work, the club was able to expand the divisions since insistence on Baseball, American Football, Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee and gymnastics.

  • 3.1 Former Bundesliga player
  • 4.1 2013/14 season
  • 4.2 Former players


The basketball divisions of the two clubs TG 46 Göttingen Göttingen Göttingen and Tuspo 61 formed in 1970, the gaming community BG 46/61 Göttingen, which should be only the first step on the path to fusion of the two clubs originally. When the merger plans failed, the leaders were faced with the choice to dissolve the gaming community again or start a new basketball club. It was decided in 1974 for a start-up, the BG 74 Göttingen. The greatest success of the club's history was the rise of the men's team under coach John Patrick in the National Basketball League in 2007., For economic and legal reasons to protect the voluntary sector, the Bundesliga team of the gentlemen was spun off as BG Göttingen.



The first men's team BG Göttingen played since the founding of the second basketball league in 1975 almost without interruption in this class. Multiple failed the team just outside the Bundesliga promotion. Men's Head Coach John Patrick took over the team after a one-year commitment to coach in Japan for the 2006/07 season and again in 2007 abolished the rise in the basketball league.

Since the license transfer the I. masters of the BG 74 Göttingen play in the Regionalliga.


The women's team played club since inception, always in one of the top three leagues. In 1978, joined the Women's Basketball Department of the multiple German Champion 05 BG Göttingen. In 2003 it rose again in the first Women's Basketball League and played there until the season 2008 /09. The ascent team was trained by the middle of the season 2006/ 07 by Mahmut Ataman. From this point, the former assistant coach Vlastibor Klimes took over the team. Managed under him initially only avoiding relegation by winning the relegation round, the team achieved in the 2007/ 08 season in fourth place and played with it in the play-offs for the German championship. At the end of the 2007/08 season, the club announced a deficit of 120,000 euros known and announced that the continuation of the women's team is at risk in the 1st Bundesliga. However, a bailout of fans and sponsors secured the Erstligaverbleib. 2008 Göttingen announced the completion of a contract with a title sponsor for the women's team. The Erstligamannschaft the ladies therefore went as Trinos Göttingen in the 2008/ 09 season. Likewise, Jennifer Kerns was appointed as co-trainer, but continued to play as active on the field with. After the 2008/ 09 season there were further financial problems. This meant that the team no Erstligalizenz was granted. Since you had no license for the 2nd league requested that the team was withdrawn from the game operation. Four players from the former Bundesliga teams changed then in the 1st regional to the second team, including Jennifer core, which acted as a trainer of the new team. With the farewell from the national league, the title sponsor withdrew, so the team is now again under the name of the parent association, BG 74 Göttingen, played. In the 2010/11 season the team under coach core reached the ascent from the Regional League in the Second Bundesliga Nord. In the course of the following year there was in turn financial problems, but that could be solved in the short term and the game operation for the remainder of the season was saved. The team of Jennifer core reached as promoted directly to participate in the playoffs.


The Hall of Felix-Klein -Gymnasium at the Böttinger road, which also includes the clubhouse of the BG 74 Göttingen, is currently the official home of the Hall BG 74 Göttingen. The FKG - hall approved for 1250 spectators.

Former Bundesliga player

  • Germany Babis Douloudis, 2007 (unknown)
  • United States Kevin Hanson, 2007

Women's Team

2013/14 season

Former players

At the time of DBBL von 2003 - 2009:

  • Stefanie Grigoleit (now Saarlouis Royals, 2.DBBL )
  • Petra Simoncicova (unknown)
  • Riika Lehtonen ( End of career )
  • Meike Warnecke (now NB Oberhausen II, Regional )
  • Cornelia Mayer ( End of career )
  • Vera Seefeld ( End of career and general manager until 2009 in Dusseldorf Magic )
  • Kaisa Anneli (unknown)
  • Jackie Higgins (unknown)
  • Antkea Thies (unknown)
  • Agatha Klimek (unknown)
  • Missy West (now coach Hartwick Athletics )
  • Annika Danckert ( TSV Amicitia now four home, 2 DBBL South)
  • Zuzanna Sakova (now unknown)
  • Randi Morgan (now unknown)
  • Sarah Austmann (now evo New Basket Oberhausen, DBBL )
  • Sarah Goltze (now IFS France NF1)
  • Barbara Csipko ( End of career )
  • Andrea Harder ( End of career )
  • Durdica Prijic (now unknown)
  • Nicole Castro ( End of career )
  • Catherine Fikiel (now: SV Halle Lions, DBBL )
  • Claudia Fiedler ( End of career )
  • Marloes Roetgerink ( Yellow Bike / Holland )
  • Heather Ernest ( End of career )
  • Riikka Lehtonen (now unknown)
  • Petra Simoncicova (now unknown)
  • Dasa Rajecka (now unknown)
  • Lucia Thüringstrasse (now SC Panthers Osnabrück, 2 DBBL )
  • Ilisha Jarret (now unknown)
  • Anna Sýkorová (now unknown)
  • Suska Berger (now BC Wildcats Wolfenbüttel, DBBL )
  • Michaela Abelova (now: SV Halle Lions, DBBL )
  • Sarka Kucerova (now unknown)
  • Lucie Müllerova (now unknown)
  • Jaysie Chambers (now unknown)
  • Julie Kongeskov Jensen (now unknown)
  • Saskia Hähnel (now End of career due to injury )
  • * Müllerova was terminated in October 2008. In early November 2008 Jaysie Chambers and mid-November 2008 Julie Jensen Kongeskov committed.
  • ² In early November 2008 it was announced the commitment of Anna Sýkorová


Since the season 2006/ 07 is available in cooperation with the ASC Göttingen in 1846 a U19 team in the NBBL. With 4 wins and 10 defeats you completed the first main round at the position 6 of the Northeast Division and qualified for the playoffs. There, however, one difference against the third party the Northwest season, the team Bonn / Rhöndorf from.


Besides basketball are at BG American Football ( Team Name: Göttingen Generals ), Baseball ( Team Name: Göttingen Allstars ), gymnastics, wheelchair basketball, Ultimate and volleyball.