The National Basketball League ( official name: Beko Basketball Bundesliga or BBL ) is the highest league in the German Basketball Men. In the National Basketball League, the German Basketball Championship for Men will be played.


A German basketball champion was determined since 1939. In November 1964, the German basketball league was founded to further professionalise the competition. The venue was on October 1, 1966. Was hosted by the German Basketball Federation. There was a group of North and South, each with ten clubs. In the season 1966/67, a cup competition of the DAR was established beyond.

From the season 1971/72 the number of Bundesliga teams was reduced from ten to eight per group. 1974, the Bundestag decided in Cologne with only three votes against the introduction of the single track first Bundesliga and the split second Bundesliga from the 1975/76 season with ten teams. 1975 launched the single track first Bundesliga and the two-part second Bundesliga. From the season 1985/86 the number of teams in the first league was increased from ten to twelve.

In 1994, the first division was dissolved by the Association DBB and organized from then from the Veltins Basketball Bundesliga GmbH newly established. 2001, the League in s.Oliver basketball league was renamed, which again got its old name ( National Basketball League ) from 2003. On 29 September 2009 she was again renamed " Beko Basketball Bundesliga ". The contract with Beko is six years.

Since the season 2003/2004 for the first time take 16 teams in the game mode in the basketball league in part. The increase was carried out with a wildcard scheme, in which the two best second division rose up regularly, but no club was relegated to the second national leagues for the first time.

From the season 2006/ 07 for the first time take 18 teams in the game mode in the basketball league in part. The increase was again carried out with a wildcard rules (see 2003).

For the season 2008/2009, an education fund has been established to motivate the clubs to more intensive youth work and training German players on a trial basis for two seasons.

From the season 2012/2013, the regulations on the number of players per team were tightened with German citizenship. Goods until the last season maximum of seven foreigners in the squad allowed a league - teams, so only a maximum of six foreigners per team are allowed from this season.

Record champion with 14 titles is Bayer Giants Leverkusen.

Game Mode

A season consists of a section with league games in a round-trip round and play-off section for the best 8 of 18 league participants qualify in the main round. The play-offs are operated in the best- of-five - mode. The point system used to determine the table in league games was changed in the 2009/2010 season, the previously empty outgoing losing team will be credited with a point, the winning team as the previous two points. This regulation was annulled due to strong criticism in the next season at least for the basketball league again. In the ProA and ProB the control remains.

Current Participants

German league and cup


Since the beginning of the season 2009/2010 is Sport 1 TV partner of the National Basketball League. The contract was extended for two years in August 2012 and provides that Sport1 produced at least 50 games, of which at least 40 live on free TV to be broadcast. Besides playing the main round of contract also includes selected games of the playoff rounds, all finals, as well as the Top Four, the annual all-star game and the Champions Cup. Time slot of a live game is usually Saturday night. These games are also streamed on the website of Sport 1 and should also pay television offshoot Sport 1 live or transferred at different times. Furthermore, a magazine is to be developed, on the one hand complements the live broadcasts meaningful and on the other hand also in the context of this can be aired.

In addition, could be won with kabel eins a new partner for the 2012/13 season, up to ten games on Sundays will be live on free TV, and expected to be transferred to the online platforms of MyVideo and ran. The focus should be mainly on the matches of FC Bayern Munich.

From the 2013/2014 season, some games on the radio on Sport1 be. FM broadcast.


Admission requirements

Here the most important economic and structural conditions

  • Sporting qualification on the ProA
  • Budget of at least € 1 million
  • Venue with a capacity of at least 3,000 places
  • Junior program in accordance with the statutes of the BBL


The German professional basketball witnessed the most dramatic change in his 2007 play operation since the introduction of the single-track league 31 years ago. The independent professional league Basketball League (BBL ) and the Working Group of the second division gave in Cologne to announce the introduction of a new professional league " ProA ". This is established between the BBL and the 2nd Bundesliga. So far the BBL substructure was divided along geographical lines in a Bundesliga 2 North and South with 16 clubs.

Since 2006, the so-called Champions Cup will be held before the season starts. Here, the reigning champion plays against the cup winners.

In the BBL 2011/12 34 referees and 17 commissioners will be used in the season. A game in the BBL is led by three arbitrators and one commissioner.