ALBA Berlin

2012/13: 5th place

ALBA Berlin is a German basketball club from the capital Berlin. The club was founded in 1991 as ALBA Berlin basketball team eV and walked out of the BG Charlottenburg. 2006, the Professional Division was transferred into a limited company. Since its inception, the club plays continuously in the National Basketball League (BBL ) and various European League competitions; inter alia, in the ULEB Euro League. 2012, the club became the most members basketball club in Germany.

With eight German championships and cup victories ALBA Berlin is one of the most successful clubs in German basketball. By winning the Korać Cup 1995 and many high placements in European competitions ALBA Berlin is also regarded as the most successful German club at the international level.

Since 2008, the professional basketball players wear their home games at the O2 World Berlin. ALBA Berlin recorded since moving into the arena an average attendance of over 10,000 visitors per home game in the BBL seasons, making it the most visited team in Europe. 2012 joined the Berlin team was the first professional team in Germany as part of a friendly match against an NBA team at.

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1991-2000: Foundation and first championships

The BG Charlottenburg Founded in 1989, went in 1991 on ALBA Berlin after the waste disposal company Alba AG was acquired as a main sponsor. ALBA Berlin is thus the " successor" to the DTV Charlottenburg (1990 merger with BG Charlottenburg) in the National Basketball League. Heraldic animal of albatross.

1991 Dieter Hauert was elected the first president. Shortly thereafter, ALBA Berlin was under the direction of head coach Faruk Kulenović instantly German vice-champion. When in 1993 the Serb Svetislav Pešić took over as coach, the club gained successes that no other basketball team had previously been successful in Germany. Winning the Korać Cup 1995 was the first international title of a German club team in basketball.

Shortly after moving the club in 1996 by the Sömmeringhalle in the Max -Schmeling-Halle finally solved ALBA Berlin in 1997, became series champion from Bayer Leverkusen and won the long-awaited first German Basketball Championship. Overall Pešić was able to record at European level four German championships and a Cup win in his seven-year career as head coach at ALBA Berlin beside the victory of Korać cups and other successes.

2000-2008: Professionalization and other German title

While under Emir Mutapcic both three German championships and two German Cup victories more been recorded, but particularly at European level could be made since 2001, no significant progress. As a result of untitled time the team has been to every new season largely rebuilt. 2004 and 2005, eventually would retire at the national level as the main round each of first already in the play-off semi-final series. Organizationally, we created the position of team manager, which was occupied by Henning Harnisch and converted the professional section of the club into a limited company on 1 September 2005.

In the season 2005/2006 ALBA Berlin was again under his new coach Henrik Rödl German cup winner. The main round first time you moved from one to the final series of the championship, in which one however Rhein Energie Cologne subject under coach Saša Obradovic, who was with ALBA in 1995 as a player nor Korać Cup winner. The following season, 2006/2007, however, ALBA difference as the main round of first already in the playoff quarterfinals against the Artland Dragons, which led to the dismissal of Rödl and commitment of coach Luka Pavićević and the next major remodeling of the team. After injury problems in the preparation and during the season of the season 2007/2008, which led to the failure of Goran Jeretin for the entire season and Aleksandar Rašić for the play- offs, ALBA pledged in January of the Cologne 99ers, who had filed for bankruptcy, Immanuel McElroy and Aleksandar Nadjfeji after. With the MVP of the season Julius Jenkins, the team was superior to all other competitors in the play- offs and won again after a five year break the championship.

In the 2003/2004 season ALBA had last achieved a master qualification to participate in the highest European League ULEB Euro League. In the season 2004/2005 bis 2007/2008, the association was able to present only in the ULEB Cup, the second- highest European league. Here we only came 2006/2007 beyond the first round and was eliminated in the second round of.

2008-2012: New Arena and international attendance records

With the move into the new 14,500 -seat O2 World of the then reigning champion ALBA Berlin opened a new chapter in the club's history. Having been in the history of the German Basketball Bundesliga an average attendance of over 7000 visitors scored per game for the first time, ALBA Berlin decided to manager Marco Baldi and the Supervisory Board Chairman Axel Schweitzer, to take the next step towards a permanent presence in international competition and appropriate presentation options for ALBA to create. The owner of the O2 World Berlin, the Anschutz Group, and ALBA Berlin agreed to a 15 -year contract until 2023 with an option for another 10 years.

As the reigning German champion ALBA participated in the 2008/2009 season back in the Euro League in part, reaching the Top 16 While here you could not prevail against group rivals FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Maccabi Tel Aviv, but ALBA was an average of 11,264 spectators at the O2 World Berlin is the most visited team in Europe. In addition, the club was set up with 14,800 spectators in the main round home game against Olimpija Ljubljana a record crowd at a European Cup game in Germany. While there was clearly defeated on the national level in the cup final, the Telekom Baskets Bonn, would retire against this team in the play-off semi-final series as the main round in five games out of first almost.

The following year, the team then missed for the first time in seven years the first place in the main round and was eliminated also in the play-offs against the placed seventh Skyliners Frankfurt with only one win in four games out. In addition, ALBA missed the Top4 the newly formed BBL Cup by a defeat in Bamberg. Internationally, however, the club played its best season since winning the Korać Cup 1995. Though in the Euro League qualifiers it was early in the season failed as a wild card participant against GS Marousi and therefore had to compete again in the ULEB Eurocup. The team led by Julius Jenkins crossed the main and second round as group winners, and was after a victory in the quarterfinals against former title holder Hapoel Jerusalem for the first time in the Final Four this European Cup.

Participation in the final round has been hampered by the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010, as the air traffic between Germany and Spain was discontinued because of the emerging volcanic ash. The team was indeed arrived early enough, the fans, however. Instead of originally 400 Scheduled only 43 brave ALBA fans traveled the approximately 2000km long route to the bus. However, this bus trip was under the special attention of the national and international press, the "live" blogged partly on the arrival. In the semifinals, beat ALBA, in which Adam Chubb stood out with 27 points with 77:70 Bizkaia Bilbao Basket, which practically had a home game in the Basque town of Vitoria -Gasteiz. For the finale on Sunday arrived ALBA fans were greeted by organizing the ULEB in person by Jordi Bertomeu personally. However, the players could not repeat their performance from the previous day and had to give up the Valencia Basket Club 44:67 beaten. Furthermore, the team had the return journey also take a bus and took a total of almost 27 hours.

The season 2010/2011 developed into a roller-coaster ride. The exception of Julius Jenkins and Immanuel McElroy newly assembled team conceded so in Bamberg with 52:103 heaviest defeat in club history and thus run a also the end of Coach Pavićević that was the end of January replaced by the Israeli Muli cat urine. After a few player changes especially on the position of the player structure, where among other things Heiko Schaffartzik was brought back, ALBA reached the play-offs yet again as a third party. Through the victories against Oldenburg and Frankfurt, the team was in the finals against advance years champion Bamberg. The series should go as the previous two over the full distance of five games, but eventually ended with the runners-up spot after ALBA had stood in the decisive final match at defending just under 90 seconds left in the lead. After being again failed in the Euro League qualification, they moved in the Eurocup 2010/11, this time from one to the round of sixteen best teams.

For the 2011/2012 season an experienced coach has been committed with the native Canadians Gordon Herbert, who had the Skyliners Frankfurt led to their first championship in 2004 and had previously worked alongside his adopted hometown of Finland in Greece and the NBA. Like the multiple Defensive Player of the Year BBL Immanuel McElroy left Julius Jenkins, three times in a row the best offensive player of the BBL and twice (2008 and 2010) Season MVP of BBL, the club. Coach Herbert, however, brought by his former club the league MVP in 2011 DaShaun Wood to Berlin. However, the team fell short of expectations and retired as a major round of third parties in the first play-off round against the strong climber s.Oliver Baskets from Würzburg after after leaving in the Euro League Qualifiers again in the round of sixteen best teams the Eurocup was a terminus for ALBA. Subsequently, the agreement was terminated with coach Herbert after the season and as successor ALBA former player Saša Obradovic committed, who had previously won the championship in Ukraine with Donetsk BK.

2012-2013: ALBA Berlin against Dallas Mavericks

As part of the NBA Europe Live Tour albatrosses met on October 6, 2012, the Dallas Mavericks. It was the first game of an NBA team against a German club team. Venue was the O2 World Berlin the home ground of ALBA Berlin. The game was sold out within 50 minutes. For the Mavericks, another German national team and NBA All-Star Dirk Nowitzki walked next to Chris Kaman. The game ended after a balanced gameplay with a 89:84 victory for the Dallas Mavericks, who had a week earlier began their pre-season preparations.

ALBA Berlin started with a wildcard license in the Euro League 2012/13 season and reached the Top16 - round. With a 82:63 win over Brose Baskets Bamberg on January 24, 2013 ALBA scored the first victory of the German team in this elimination round of the ULEB Euro League.

In BBL Cup Alba Berlin was able to celebrate his first title in four years on 24 March 2013. In the Final Four in the domestic O2 World Berlin albatrosses met in the semifinals of the FC Bayern Munich. The game decided Alba with 92 to 83 for himself and reached the finals. Final opponent was last year's runner- Ratiopharm Ulm. The game ended in front of 13,854 spectators with a 85 to 67 victory for Berlin. Alba Berlin was thus able to secure the BBL Cup for a total of 7 times. The regular BBL 2012/2013 season ended Alba on the 5th place in the table and met so in the quarterfinals of the FC Bayern Munich. Against the Munich eliminated the albatrosses without own victory 0-3 in the quarterfinals of the Play Offs from.

GmbH and club

ALBA Berlin basketball team eV is performed as members of the strongest basketball club in Germany since December 31, 2012. In 2013, a total of 718 members with passports players (previous year 600) were registered.


In expert circles ALBA Berlin is one of the very professional and innovative out clubs in Europe. In 2009, ALBA BERLIN was recognized for its activities in the areas of marketing, sponsorship and communication with the Devotion Marketing Award 2009 in Gold of the ULEB.

The fact that it managed Alba, in the ULEB Euro League season 2008/ 09 the hall very well utilize and with over 10,000 spectators per game to reach the highest average attendance of teams, rewarded the organization of the ULEB with the award of the best club functionary of the year 2009 Marco Baldi.


The total budget of the ALBA Berlin basketball team GmbH is estimated to be about 8-10 million euros. About half of the budget is spent on the squad the season. About 10 % of the budget will be invested for youth programs and youth development. The total budget of Alba Berlin is estimated to be the largest among the three clubs in the BBL.

The three main sponsors of the GmbH are the namesake of the ALBA Group, the supplier Adidas AG and the Company Tin Day AG as shirt sponsor. For the 2012/13 season, a new shirt sponsor was presented with the company TinTag first time since 2003. Other official sponsors, the AOK health insurance company, the Comline AG, DKB AG, Hoffner, HDI, the total AG, Berlin Lotto and Volkswagen AG. In addition, there are a number of partners in the so-called Alba club. The Bundeswehr has, inter alia, Band Advertisement booked during the games at the O2 World.

Youth work

Since 1992 was an intensive cooperation to foster young talent between Alba Berlin and the TuS Lichterfelde. Many later national team were trained during the partnership.

In addition, Alba Berlin won the Pro B team natural gas Ehingen / Urspringschule as other cooperation agreements. Since the 2008/2009 season Alba Berlin was also the name and the NBBL team jersey sponsor Team ALBA Steingädele, the basketball department of Urspringschule in NBBL. The partnership with the NBBL team is pronounced only slightly since the change of sponsor for CYBEX in 2012.

In December 2005, Alba Berlin decided to expand its own youth work. Under the direction of Henning Harnisch, the then team manager and later vice- president (as of 2013) of the Association a variety of initiatives have been implemented to support young scientists. In 2010, Alba Berlin 51 trainer. 24 youth teams were registered for the Berlin basketball club.


Season performance

Achieved (*) success as the first German team



ALBA Berlin has been honored two outstanding players in club history by jersey numbers they wore to player times, will no longer be awarded in the future. The former national player Henrik Rödl 2010 came the first bestowed the honor. Rödls jersey number 4 has since no longer awarded. Wendell Alexis was honored club house in 2012 for his services. The jersey number 12, which in his time was Alexis at ALBA Berlin, since is also no longer given to new players at the club.


Squad 2013/14

Exchange 2013/14

Arrivals: Ismet Akpinar (SC Rist Wedel), Clifford Hammonds (BC Igokea Aleksandorvac, BIH ), Jan -Hendrik Jagla (Bayern Munich ), Levon Kendall ( Obradoiro CAB, ESP ), Alex King ( s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg ), David Logan ( Maccabi Tel Aviv, ISR ), Leon Radosevic (BC Lietuvos Rytas, LTU), Reggie Redding ( Walter Tigers Tuebingen ), Vojdan Stojanovski (BK Donetsk, UKR), Bar Timor ( Hapoel Tel Aviv, ISR), Akeem Vargas (BG 74 Göttingen), Jonas Wohlfarth - Botter man ( Telekom Baskets Bonn)

Departures: Vule Avdalović (destination unknown), Derrick Byars ( caciques de Humacao, PRI), Nihad Djedović (Bayern Munich ), Yassin Idbihi (Bayern Munich ), Albert Miralles ( Joventut de Badalona, ​​ESP), Zach Morley ( Chorale Roanne Basket), Joey Ney (natural gas Ehingen / Urspringschule ), Nathan Peavy (destination unknown), Heiko Schaffartzik (Bayern Munich ), Deon Thompson ( Bayern Munich), DaShaun Wood ( Le Mans Sarthe Basket, FRA )

Squad depth 2013/14


Alba Berlin played from 1991 to 1997 in the Sömmeringhalle (2350 seats) in Berlin- Charlottenburg. The building complex was opened in 1964 as the then largest, pure sports hall in West Berlin and evolved over the decades to the home to many sports clubs, inter alia, the BG Charlottenburg, has emerged from the Alba Berlin.

Germany, the hall, the largest venue at this time of the metropolis, was founded in 1995 for one-time venue of Alba Berlin. Under then coach Svetislav Pesic the Berlin team in front of 10,000 spectators won by a 85:79 - leg victory against Stefanel Milan in the final of Korać Cup title as the first German team.

In 1996, the first referring the Max -Schmeling- Halle ( 8,500 seats) in the district of Pankow, which was originally built for the promotion of the Olympic Games in 2000 and remained until the 2007/ 08 season. In the last season in which the Max -Schmeling-Halle was used as a venue for the BBL home games, Alba Berlin recorded a average attendance of 6,908 in the main round of the BBL.

O2 World Berlin

From the 2008/ 09 season, the O2 World Berlin district of Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg venue for all home games was. The multi-purpose arena built for 165 million euros, offering 59 suites and spectators at basketball games of 14,500 seats. The O2 World Berlin is the largest indoor arena in Berlin and the second largest in Germany.

Training Center

Since 2010, the training center for the first team Alba Berlin is in the Protect Straße 51 in Berlin-Mitte. The available primarily Alba Berlin hall is also used by youth teams and carriers of grassroots sport. During the pre-season friendly matches to be held in camera in the training hall occasionally.


On 7 April 2000 Alba Berlin was a participant of the then most visited indoor basketball game in Europe. In a game of BBL against Telekom Baskets Bonn 18,506 spectators came to the Lanxess Arena (formerly Cologne Arena). To date, the encounter is considered most viewers in the history of the BBL.

Alba Berlin was able to set a new attendance record for the fourth time in a row in the Beko BBL Main Round 2011/2012. Total came to the BBL 17 home games 186 504 spectators in the hall, an average attendance of 10,971 per game ( BBL average attendance: 4322 visitors) corresponded. In order for the team this season was the most visited basketball team in Germany and Europe.

In the Bundesliga season 2012/13 the average attendance was in the 17 games the BBL main round over the previous year of 10,971 back to 10,031. For international matches during the season in the ULEB Euro League was a significant increase of the cut recorded ( 9033 against 7655 ). In absolute numbers, 340 727 fans came to a total of 34 home games. Within a season, so that could be a record number of visitors recorded.




  • Croatia Faruk Kulenović (1991-1993) ( 96-0-59 )
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992 Svetislav Pešić (1993-2000) (284-2-111)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Emir Mutapcic (2000-2005) ( 158-0-88 )
  • Germany Henrik Rödl (2005-2007) ( 90-0-44 )
  • Montenegro Luka Pavićević (2007-2011) ( 141-2-71 )
  • Israel Muli cat urine (2011-2011) ( 20-0-16 )
  • Canada Gordon Herbert (2011-2012) ( 34-0-19 )
  • Coach ( seasons) ( Win - Draw - Loss )


  • Germany Teo Ozturk (1991-1997, 2000-2004)
  • Germany Uwe Blab (1991-1993)
  • Germany Stephan Baeck (1992-1996)
  • Germany Hansi Gnad (1993-1994)
  • Germany Henrik Rödl (1993-2004)
  • Germany Ademola Okulaja ( 1994-96, 1999-00 )
  • Germany Jörg Lütcke (1995-2003)
  • Germany Henning Harnisch (1996-1998)
  • Germany Marko Pešić ( 1997-99, 2000-04 )
  • Mithat Demirel Germany (1998-99, 2001-05 )
  • Germany Nino Garris (1999-2005)
  • Germany Demond Greene (2005-2007)
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zoran Radovic 1992 (1990-1993 )
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992 Teoman Alibegovic (1993-1996)
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992 Sasa Obradovic (1994-1997)
  • Russia Vasily Karasev (1997-1998)
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992 Dejan Koturović (2000-2002)
  • Croatia Matej Mamić (2004-2006)
  • Serbia Jovo Stanojević (2002-2007)
  • United States Wendell Alexis (1996-2002)
  • United States Hollis Price (2005-06, 2010-11 )
  • United States Immanuel McElroy (2008-2011)
  • United States Julius Jenkins (2005-2011)

Club Culture


Alba Berlin has a strong fan base and one of Germany's, as well as internationally, to the great audience magnet. With an average of more than 10,000 visitors per Match the parts of the Berlin clubs are one of the most popular basketball events in Europe.

The fan-club Alba entourage was founded in the 1992/93 season in Berlin has a membership of over 300 and organizes inter alia, trips to away games Alba Berlin. The Fan 212 block was established in 2011 and is active with his vociferous chants, whoops and choreography especially during home games. The intense atmosphere in the arena is supported in addition to the Fanblöcken by many viewers. The audience is known for cheering during scarce Scores prior to the closing of a quarter or in the final stages of the game.

The Friends of the capital clubs are often dressed in the club colors or with the Alba - shirts of the season. Golden yellow goggles, caps, wigs, basketball shirts, Berlin State flags or T -shirts with Berlin symbolism are typical accessories for fans of Alba Berlin. Some supporters create their fan apparel new for each game.


For intimate entertainment elements in the arena during the home games of Alba Berlin provide, inter alia, the dancers of the ALBA Dancers. For music will showcase the artists in the outs on the field choreographies diverse and changing costumes. The repertoire of dance routines is constantly renewed. Also, while the game is the force with Chants for spectators and home team always in use.

The group of cheerleaders consists of around 20 members and is coached since 2011 by Valesca Stix. Before each season, there are talent contests to determine the participants in the future dance formation. Captain of the cheerleading team in the 2013/14 season is a dancer Annie. Other group members are inter alia Isi, Josi and Tini.

The dance formation of the club was founded in 1996 as Alba Berlin Dance Team and was at a national cheerleading competitions winning numerous awards. 2013 occupied the Berlin dancers at EFES Dance Square Off finals of the Euro League in Moscow the second place. Multiple took the Alba Dancers participate in the world championships in cheerleading. The dancers also occur outside of sporting events, maintain your own blog and your own Facebook page.


Since the season 1994/1995 supports the "Albatross " as a mascot of the team ALBA Berlin. Before starting the game, while the basketball players enter the arena, applauds the albatross off with each player. During the game, he makes a good mood in the arena, makes jokes, running through the ranks and can be photographed.


In the German feature film comedy Where's Fred? from 2006, a basketball game of Alba Berlin at the Max -Schmeling-Halle plays a prominent role. The main roles of the film, inter alia, Til Schweiger, Jürgen Vogel, Alexandra Maria Lara and Anja Kling were seen.

3 December 2011 Alba Heiko Schaffartzik joined the ZDF entertainment show Wetten, dass. on. The captain of the Berlin basketball team kicked a betting candidate, the German national team golf Ann- Kathrin Lindner, at.

In 2013, the basketball team Alba Berlin and the city of Berlin was the scene of a documentary of the American sports channel ESPN. Under the title of the basketball Capitals fan base of the club and the club history was represented in the 30 - minute film. In addition to Berlin as an important European basketball capital of the documentary series also Madrid, Istanbul and Athens were portrayed in other parts.

Software producer 2K Games announced that the team Alba Berlin appearing in the November 2013 basketball video game NBA 2K14 will stand next 30 teams in the NBA as a game option. The Berlin team will be present only club from Germany in the game. Other European teams such as Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow will also be playable.

Media presence

In a wide variety of local, national and international media news from the basketball club ALBA Berlin disseminated. The German TV channel Sport 1 reported as the official media partner of the Beko BBL regular updates on game results of the Basketball Bundesliga. As part of the weekly reporting of the transmitter shows during the 2013/14 season selected games live on television. Usually such transfers can also be tracked game will stream live on the Internet portal of Sport 1, with the participation of ALBA Berlin. Games of the ULEB Euro League will also be transferred from Sport 1. In different transmission formats, such as fee-based live Internet streams of Sport 1 , meetings can be followed here. Rbb reported regularly to his Sunday television show about sports field updates to the professional team of ALBA Berlin, since 2014 live streams available international matches. As part of the ZDF sports reportage game summaries are also shown by the encounters of the BBL. About the ZDF and ARD Internet library video content to the keywords ALBA Berlin, BBL and Basketball are accessible.

The Internet portal of most daily newspapers such as the Berlin Tagesspiegel, Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Zeitung, the Berliner Kurier, or BZ offer in their sports section a special section to the basketball team ALBA Berlin. In addition, information on regional print media and the Internet offshoots such as kicker, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Der Spiegel, picture of the events in the capital club. Since the 2012/13 season of the Berlin radio station Radio Eins accompanied as an official partner of the Games Alba Berlin in the German Basketball League and in international competitions.

Statistics on players and clubs as well as abstracts and video footage of the games of the BBL available on the Internet portal of the Beko BBL. On the official website of ALBA Berlin -date information on the activities of the association are widespread. Extensive data, interviews, quarterly calendar, calendar games and video material can be accessed there. ALBA Berlin also operates an official Facebook channel reported on many news about the club. The channel provides contact to all Facebook members and creates interactive commenting capabilities to the messages generated by ALBA Berlin. An official Youtube, Twitter, and Soundcloud channel is also provided. Some players of the professional team express themselves occasionally through their personal Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account of updates in basketball club. There are also several Internet- based fan and expert forums on the subject of basketball exchange on the latest developments offer. The German -language forum Schoenen - and the English-language forum at include social media, let's discuss about the events at ALBA Berlin.