BBV Hagen

Brandt Hagen is a former German basketball club based in Hagen, North Rhine -Westphalia. He emerged from the SSV Hagen, who was a founding member of the Basketball Bundesliga. After the interim name SSV Goldstar Hagen the team was called from 1990 finally Brandt Hagen. We have won a German Championship and two cup wins.


The SSV Hagen formed in 1946 from the analysis of the previous association DSC. 1951, the basketball department was founded. The SSV is 1966 founding member of the Basketball Bundesliga. In the first year the team fails in the semifinals at the 1846 MTV later master casting. In 1974 the SSV German champion, a year later the first Cup Winners' Cup.

For the season 1987/1988 the team was renamed Gold Star SSV Hagen. After a tax claim to the parent club in 1988, which can be paid through property sales, the basketball department is outsourced. In April 1990, therefore it joins with the basketball department of TSV Hagen 1860 ( at that time also Bundesligist ) to the new independent club Brandt Hagen together. The new club takes over for the season 1990/1991 the game operating in the German top flight. 1994, the second and last Cup victory is won. Until 2003, the team plays in the Hagen Ischelandhalle until they no longer met the requirements of the National Basketball League. Venue in the 2003/2004 season is the Dortmunder Helmut - grained hall. At the same time the title sponsor Brandt Zwieback reduced after the relocation of production from Hagen to Ohrdruf its financial commitment. The cost of this hall are too high. Many viewers are making the move to Dortmund not. New viewers will be hardly won. The association files for bankruptcy. On 29 December 2003 the game will be stopped. The successor club is BBV Hagen in the Regionalliga West Phoenix Hagen and not, as is sometimes assumed. The BBV Hagen had to sign up as Brandt Hagen insolvency.

Former Players

  • Stephan Baeck, former German national team, manager of the Cologne 99ers
  • Paris Bryant
  • Chuck Evans
  • Ingo Freyer, former German national team
  • Hansi Gnad, former German national team
  • Matthias Grothe
  • Oliver Herkelmann, former German national team
  • Bernd Kruel
  • Rimas Kurtinaitis, former Lithuanian national team
  • Josef " Joschko " Martinek, former Czech national team
  • Arnd Neuhaus, former German national team
  • Jochen Pollex, former German national team
  • Vladimir Kadlec, former German national team
  • Marko Pešić, former German national team
  • Darren Queenan
  • Ralf cracks, former German national team
  • Leon Rodgers
  • Rick Stafford
  • Jörg Trapp
  • Jimmy Wilkins, performers of the champion team in 1974
  • Robert " Pinky " Smith † 11 February 2009 achievers Cup Winners' Cup team 1975-77
  • Peter Krüsmann, former German national team
  • Günter Pollex, former German national team
  • Ralf Kuhtz
  • Michael Bühren
  • Volker Aßhoff
  • Ulrich " Uli " Diestelhorst
  • Adam Fiedler, former Polish national team
  • Štefan Svitek, former Czechoslovakian national team
  • Lothar Dahlbüdding, champion team 74
  • Heinz Werner Schmunz, champion team 74
  • Dieter " Gaucho " Look man, a former German national team
  • Keith Gatlin, Cup Winners 94 players and the University of Maryland

Former coaches and officials

  • Armin Andres, last coach
  • Dirk Bauer man, coach 1 year, 2003-2011 coach of the German national team
  • Brad Dean, penultimate coach of the club two years
  • Hans -Joachim Höfig, honorary president of the German Basketball Federation
  • Heinrich Schmidt, President 10 years
  • Ernst Michalowski, president and founder of the club six years
  • Martin Performs, president three years
  • Andreas Jürgens, President
  • Christian Isenbeck, Andreas Jürgens President 2 years
  • Helmut Diegel, president 10 years
  • Louis Heimann, President 2 years
  • Josef " Joschko " Martinek, trainer 1 years
  • Jörg Trapp, coach and former Vice- President of the German Basketball Federation 10 years
  • Joe Whelton, coaches
  • Peter Krüsmann, trainer 10 years
  • Branimir Volfer, coach nine years
  • Bernd moth, trainers 3 months
  • Alan Lambert, trainer 1 years
  • Jim Kelly, trainer 1 years
  • Hubert Beck, coach two years