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2012/13: 3rd place

2012/13: 7th place

Ratiopharm Ulm is a German basketball club, which currently plays in the first basketball league and emerged in 2001 from the sports club SSV Ulm 1846. The home games of the association will be held in the ratiopharm arena.

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Under the name SSV ratiopharm Ulm team last appeared in the 2000 /01 season, when she was still in 1846 under the umbrella association of the SSV Ulm. In the wake of the financial situation and the growing independence of the Association of Basketball Club was spun and patterned with the founding of the Basketball Ulm / Alb-Donau GmbH from scratch. Since the 2001 season, is the name of the gambling at this time in the 2nd Bundesliga basketball team ratiopharm Ulm.

The long-awaited revival in the first league succeeded for scarce and bitter trials in 2006. With only one defeat, the club was able to prevail against the direct competitors Science City Jena. Since then, the team could safely settle in the middle of the league and even managed to get into the play-offs of the main round in the 2008 /09 season. This was the first finals appearance for ten years.

The main sponsor is the pharmaceutical company Ratiopharm, which is headquartered in Ulm.

The greatest successes of the association were so far winning the cup in 1996 and the runner-up in 1998, which were then reaches under the name SSV ratiopharm Ulm with its longstanding player Jarvis Walker.

The biggest change to the association within the 2011/12 season, which was accompanied with the move to the ratiopharm arena, as well as a coaching change, the team succeeded in the main round as a table runner and complete the subsequent play-offs as runners-up. His team's head coach Thorsten Leibenath and it was also possible to reach the third place within the BekoBBL Cup at the Top Four in Bonn. All play-off season as well as main round matches in the Cow Mountain Hall as well as in the new ratiopharm arena were all sold out, which represents an increase in viewers over the whole season of 91.6 percent compared to the 2010/11 season.

In the 2012/2013 season they managed to Ulm basketball to the BBL Cup final, where they were subject, however, ALBA Berlin. In the Meisterrunde they reached the semi-finals, where they eventually EWE Baskets Oldenburg subject.


Since December 2011, the 6,000 -seat ratiopharm arena, Neu-Ulm is the home ground of ratiopharm Ulm. In basketball games, the multifunctional hall has 4,000 seats, 1,500 standing places on a pure standing terrace and 500 VIP seats, spread over business seats, VIP lounges and the lodges balcony.

The impetus for the construction of such a hall came from ratiopharm ulm itself Formerly used Kuhberg hall no longer met the requirements of the National Basketball League. The gymnasium on the Ulm Cow Mountain, offered until the end of the main round in the 2008 /09 season officially 3,000 seated and standing capacity, which in top games like against Tübingen and Berlin much more standing room tickets than the officially available 1,000 units were sold. The available space does not eventually also inflamed the dispute over a new stadium for the Ulm basketball, because the Cow Mountain Hall did not meet for a long time the growing demands of the league. In the course of the construction of a new multi-function hall on the festival grounds in Neu-Ulm was decided after long negotiations with the cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm on 11 November 2009.

To bridge the time until the opening of the ratiopharm arena Kuhberg hall for 293,000 euros was rebuilt. The East and the West grandstand was completely redesigned and until then located on the west side and very narrow entrance foyer moved to the side of the East Stand, making more space for standing guests was created. The East Stand had been taken during the final round of 2009.

The opening game in the multi-purpose arena was held on 10 November 2011, the 12th matchday of the 2011/12 season, with a game against the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and was broadcast live on Sport 1. The game was sold out within 4 hours and could be won with 101:83. A test run for all season ticket holders had already taken place on 5 December 2011, with a match against the Kirchheim Knights.

2013/14 season

Bundesliga squad


  • Adam Hess (Phoenix Hagen)
  • Cameron Long ( Le Mans Sarthe Basket)
  • Will Clyburn (Iowa State University)
  • Trent Plaisted (Limoges CSP)
  • Jonathan Maier (Neckar giant Ludwigsburg )
  • Greg Mangano ( Força Lleida)
  • Edgar Sosa ( Cangrejeros de Santurce )
  • Ian Hummer ( Princeton University)
  • John Bryant (Bayern Munich )
  • Steven Kamp ester (SC RASTA Vechta)
  • Femi Oladipo (destination unknown)
  • Lance Jeter ( Trefl Sopot / POL)
  • Omar Samhan (Alexandria Sporting Club )
  • Myles Hesson ( Giessen 46ers )
  • Marcel Heberlein ( Oettinger Rockets Gotha )
  • Sebastian Betz ( S.Oliver Baskets )
  • Allan Ray (KK Cedevita / CRO)
  • Greg Mangano (Steaua Bucuresti CSM Eximbank / ROU, 10/ 2013)

Former Executive

Bundesliga squad


  • Till Joshah Jönke (Bayer Giants Leverkusen)
  • Kay Gausa (SC Rist Wedel)
  • Daniel Theis (New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig)
  • Philipp Schwethelm (Bayern Munich )
  • Allan Ray ( Élan Béarnais Pau - Lacq - Orthez )
  • Lance Jeter ( Lasaulec Aris Leeuwarden )
  • Omar Samhan ( Zalgiris Kaunas, 2/ 2013)
  • Furthermore, Joschka ( ratiopharm academy, 2/ 2013)
  • Myles Hesson ( White Horn Young Stars, 2/ 2013)
  • Kelvin Torbert (destination unknown)
  • Michael Wenzl (BG Göttingen)
  • Roderick "Rocky" Trice ( Energa Czarni Slupsk )
  • Andreas Wenzl ( End of career, 1/ 2013)

For ratiopharm Ulm as a club, the 2011/12 season is outstanding in several respects. On the one hand stood for years before awaited change in the ratiopharm arena, on the other hand is with Thorsten Leibenath as the new coach and a significant increase in the overall budget situation fundamentally different. With Per Günther, Roderick "Rocky" Trice and John Bryant three starters could be kept for the current season. The obligation of power forward Dane Watts is mainly for strength under the basket of great importance. Very busy young as a year earlier, the point guard position with Günther and Mason - Griffin ( 24 and 21 years).


  • Thorsten Leibenath ( coach / Giro live Ballers Osnabrück)
  • Isaiah Swann ( Maccabi Rishon LeZion )
  • Dane Watts ( Walter Tigers Tuebingen )
  • Femi Oladipo ( Crailsheim Merlins )
  • Steven Kamp ester (ETB housing Baskets Food )
  • Keaton Nankivil (Wisconsin Badgers )
  • Antonio Anderson ( Memphis Tigers )
  • Kelvin Torbert ( Generali Okapi Aalstar, 4/ 2012)
  • Mike Taylor ( coach / Rio Grande Valley Vipers )
  • Travis Walton ( Dakota Wizards )
  • Sean special cores (target unknown)
  • Lee Humphrey (Rio Grande Valley Vipers )
  • Robin Benzing (Bayern Munich )
  • Coleman Collins ( HKK Široki WWIN )
  • Dan Fitzgerald ( Sendai 89ers )
  • Antonio Anderson (Maine Red Claws, 11/ 2011)

The 2010/2011 season was marked in comparison to the previous games of less disposals. Clearly visible here was that all positions and their rough classification were covered by a player of the squad from last season. So by Günther played at the position 1, Lee Humphrey on the position 2, Robin Benzing at position 3 and Coleman Collins at the 4-position (then also at times to position 5). With the acquisitions, John Bryant and Sean Special Head large positions played important roles in this season, the. Due to the rule changes, such as the laying of the three -point line to 6.75 meters, further emphasizing further Of additional benefit, the unerring and rapid wing players who are defending more difficult by the growing space. In the forwards the important task was to close the large gap between the wing and board players or to keep as small as possible. After a weak start to the season responded those responsible, bringing with Roderick "Rocky" Trice a player preseason back in the squad. He initially received a temporary contract for 1.5 months, which could be extended by a sponsorship commitment in a two-year contract.

Newcomer Walt Baxley of the Saar-Pfalz Braves left at his own request in December 2010 the club. After the many years of ratiopharm Guard Christian Grosse after completing his studies ended his career in January 2011, the team reported in March, the test obligation Tommy Mason - Griffin of the American D -League as a back -up with prospects for the future. At the same time it was announced that Dan Fitzgerald in a supporting pillar from the success of 2008/2009 season to return to Ulm.

On 20 April 2011 announced Head Coach Mike Taylor at the press conference for the last home game against Bremerhaven, that the club will not renew his expiring for the season 2010/2011 contract. Mike Taylor was then released a few hours later due to this unique gear to the public by management with immediate effect from the remaining training operations. The last home game was therefore held without Taylor, and was led to the place of Assistant Coach Olatunde Adekola.

A comprehensive cooperation in the framework of Basketball Academy Ulm with the team BG Illertal and white horn from the Pro B opened ratiopharm ulm possible to equip several players perspective with a double license and in games in amateur classes, Pro B and train Bundesliga. In the season 2010/2011, these were: Philip Vojkovi'c, Nicola Stevanovic, Marcel Heberlein, Nemanja Kekic, Andreas and Michael Wenzl Wenzl. The latter was the season to be an integral part of the Bundesliga teams in the course.

Coaching staff:

Arrivals: Sean Special Head (Fort Wayne ), John Bryant (Erie BayHawks ), Travis Walton (Lugano Tigers ), Walt Baxley ( Saar-Pfalz Braves ), Nikola Stevanovic (KK Novi Sad ), Marcel Heberlein ( Baskets Konstanz), Roderick Trice ( out of contract ), Tommy Mason - Griffin ( Sioux Falls Skyforce ), Dan Fitzgerald ( SMA Baskets Massagno )

Departures: Darko Jukic ( Aabyhoj ), Jerome Bridgewater (destination unknown), John Bryant ( Bakersfield Jam ), Kevin Kanaskie (destination unknown), Kevin Martin (Vitoria SC), Austen Rowland ( ESSM Le Portel ), Christian Burns ( Ferro - ZNTU Zaporozhye ), Walt Baxley ( 12/2010 Karhu ), Christian Grosse (01 /2011; end of career ), Mike Taylor (04 /2011)

The team of the 2009/2010 season was marked by many outlets and new arrivals. Above all it must be mentioned at this point Jeff Gibbs, who was considered a superstar in the team and the fans, had, however, obtained by the low budget of ratiopharm ulm not find a suitable offer for the coming seasons. The same fate had chosen most of the other players who all had a contract until the end of last season.

Coaching staff:

Arrivals: Kevin Kanaskie (Tennessee State University ), Philip Vojkovi'c ( own youth ), Darko Jukic (Copenhagen), Roderick Trice (MEG Göttingen), Coleman Collins (Fort Wayne ), John Bryant (Newcastle ), Andreas Wenzl ( own youth ), Michael Wenzl ( own youth ), Jerome Bridgewater (BSG Ludwigsburg ), Robin Benzing (TV Langen ), Christian Burns (Porto)

Departures: Emeka Erege ( BBC Bayreuth ), Michael Schröder ( BBC Bayreuth), Jeff Gibbs ( polar bears Bremerhaven ), Alexander Heath ( Brose Baskets Bamberg ), Dru Joyce ( Czarneslupsk / Romeo Travis ( Walter Tigers Tuebingen ), Cedric van Düring (target unknown), Sean Finn ( Politekhnika Lviv ), Daniel Fitzgerald (SAM Massagno ), Keith triplet (destination unknown), Patrick Scherer (destination unknown)

Coaching staff:

Arrivals: Per Guenther (Phoenix Hagen), Keith Triplett (CSU Sibiu ), Michael Schröder ( BG 74 Göttingen), Lee Humphrey (Florida Gators ), Cedric von During ( SOBA Dragons Rhöndorf ), Nemanja Kekic ( DJK Sports Federation Munich), Dan Fitzgerald ( Marquette Athletics ), Patrick Scherer

Departures: Konrad Wysocki (Frankfurt Skyliners ), Bryan Lucas ( BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers ), EJ Gallup, Kyle Bailey (BG 74 Göttingen ), Florian Mobius (BC White Horn / Profikarrieende ), Jan Sprünken (UBC Münster)

Records of past seasons