Paul Horn-Arena

  • Basketball Games of the Walter Tigers Tübingen
  • Volleyball games of the TV Rottenburg
  • Handball Games of TV 1893 Neuhausen

The Paul Horn Arena ( official spelling: Paul Horn - Arena, until September 29, 2007 TüArena or Europe Hall called ) is a multi-purpose hall in Tübingen, which is used for power, width and school sports and 3,180 spectators seats. The three-field Hall was built in the year 2004, the builder of the city of Tübingen, according to their information, construction costs amounted to approximately 8.9 million euros. Architects of the building are Allmann Sattler Steelers from Munich.

It was originally planned that the city of Tübingen paid 3 million euros, the state of Baden -Württemberg 3 million and Sponsors brings through donations and various actions are another 3 million. ultimately, however, the support group could not earn more than 100,000 euros. The town of Tübingen had to carry the rest, resulting in a gap in the budget. Various other projects such as the renovation of various sports fields could not be performed.

Apart from the actual hall is located on the site of an outdoor climbing wall, a skateboard park and several street ball fields. Will also find solar panels that can generate with a possible peak power of 40 kW to environmentally friendly to 30,000 kWh of electricity per year on the southwest facade. Also energy saving are daylight openings in the roof.

In 2005, the hall was awarded the Foundation Award of the Foundation Living City, the city annually innovative projects, such as particularly outstanding cultural and urban marketing events, successful urban productions as well as historic preservation and tourist projects. The reason called the jury distinctive architecture, the sporty and functional diversity, and the innovative design of the hall.

In the 2012/13 season wear with the league basketball Walter Tigers Tübingen, the Handball - Bundesliga TV 1893 Neuhausen and the Volleyball Bundesliga TV Rottenburg three power sports teams play their home games in the arena.

Since 29 September 2007, the former TüArena named " Paul Horn Arena ". It is named after the Tübingen tool company Paul Horn.