FC Bayern Munich ( BBL, since 2011 )

Summer Olympic Games in 1972

The Audi Dome ( 1974-2011 Rudi Sedlmayer Hall, previously Olympic Basketball Gymnasium ) is a multi-purpose hall in Munich city district Sendling -Westpark. It is located on the grounds of Bezirkssportanlage Siegburger road, between the West Park and Garmisch Road, a section of the Middle Ring.

The hall for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich was originally built to host the basketball competitions. The later namesake Rudi Sedlmayer was 1955-1973 President of the Bavarian State Sports Association and was a member of the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games in Munich.

Since 2011, the hall is home to the basketball section of FC Bayern Munich.

Architecture and Data

The hall was designed by architect Georg Flinkerbusch as a circular building with aluminum facade to which a rectangular low-rise building connects to both sides, which seems to penetrate the main building. The circular base of the main building tapers upwards to the cantilever towards the center to lowering ceiling construction.

  • Area: 2,516 m²
  • Diameter of the main building: 56,60 m

The hall can accommodate up to 7,200 visitors at sporting events. For building complex inter alia include a restaurant and a warm-up hall.

Use of the Hall

In August and September 1972, the hall was initially intended to host the basketball competitions during the Games of the XX. Olympics used. Then there was before, shortly after its completion in the spring of 1972, from the German Basketball Federation criticism of a " miserable " perceived contact between activists and the public and to the smaller than hoped unusual capacity of the sports facility known as the " worst hall in Olympic history ."

After that, the hall served alongside concerts (such as Frank Zappa, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss) over many years, exhibitions and fairs and especially boxing matches (eg Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko ). In addition, the hall was the venue for Handball games ( MTSV Schwabing, TSV Milbertshofen ) and was also used for international volleyball matches of TSV 1860 Munich.

There were also special, one-time uses of the hall, so the rotation of the arena scenes to the science-fiction film Rollerball. On April 23, 1983, the 28 Euro Vision Song Contest was held in the hall. In May 1994, the Atomic Energy Act public hearing of over 50,000 objectors in the approval process at the research reactor Munich II was carried out in the hall.

On 1 February 2003, the hall was closed due to ailing fire protection and safety equipment. As of December 2007, a event company tried the re- use of the hall. The future of the hall should be also the revival of basketball. Both Munich basket and the basketball section of FC Bayern Munich expressed interest. However, it was not possible to secure the financing of the reconstruction measures for sporting events in addition to the other events, so that the operating company filed for bankruptcy in January 2009.

From 2010 began direct negotiations between FC Bayern Munich and the city of Munich, which led to the approval of the City Council for future use by the basketball team FC Bayern Munich in April 2011. After which could be clarified by Bayern Munich at supporting renovation or repair the hall for current fire regulations, the club signed on 20 May of that year the corresponding lease. In this context, a name change in Audi Dome was made. The modernized hall was inaugurated on 29 September 2011 with a friendly match against Fenerbahçe Ülker. The first Bundesliga match took place a week later on October 8 against the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig instead.