Bibliography of Music Literature

The bibliography of music literature (BMS ) is an international, interactive and freely accessible Fachbibliografie for musicological literature. It is published since 2006 as a continuation of published until 1988, report in the print bibliography of music literature from the State Institute for Music Research Prussian Cultural Heritage ( SIMPK ), Berlin online.


The Bibliography of Music Literature 1936 was established by the National Institute for Research in Berlin German music in continuation of the bibliographic overviews in the volumes of "Year book of the Peters Music Library " with the aim to list the international published literature on music continuously. It was first at Friedrich Hofmeister in Leipzig ( reporting years 1.1936-4.1939, published 1936-1941 ) laid editors were 1936-1938 Kurt Taut, 1939-1941 Georg Karstädt. After a period of four years, the BMS had to cease publication due to the war. Your recovery after the Second World War goes back to the initiative of the musicologist and librarian Wolfgang Schmieder, who brought out a new band with the first reporting period 1950/51 on behalf of the newly constituted Institute for Music Research, 1954. Since then, the bibliography was continued continuously as an independent publication of the National Institute for Music Research Prussian Cultural Heritage. The BMS appeared at 1954-1968 Hofmeister in Frankfurt in 1969 by Schott in Mainz. The last band in print form appeared in 2001 that for the year 1988. Since 1968, the editors of the bibliographic SIMPK also works as an editorial for German Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale ( RILM ).

Sources of bibliography

The sources of the BMS Editorial national bibliographies, journals and special bibliographies are evaluated and examined non-specialist magazines that deal with musically relevant issues in a broader sense. 600 sources are evaluated and recorded approximately 10,000 titles per year. Authors and publishers can itself on the timeliness of the database to a large extent contribute to the fact that they enter their bibliographic data on an available on-line entry form itself.

Types of media

The bibliography of music literature listed musicological and music-related books and articles from magazines, commemorative publications, conference proceedings, yearbooks, anthologies, critical reports of total expenditure as well as relevant contributions from interdisciplinary works and reviews. Numerous titles are provided with a summary (abstract ) or linked to Web resources.

Scope / growth

In April 2012, the BMS has over 315,000 music-related writings from 1950 to 1975 and from 1986 by restricted provisionally for the period 1989-1999 to published writings in Germany. The conversion and revision of existing legacy data (1936-1941; 1976-1985) is planned, provided the closing of the gap report 1942-1949.

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