Biharkeresztes (formerly Keresztes ) is a city on a small area Berettyóújfalu in eastern Hungary.


Biharkeresztes borders the Romanian Bihor County and the following municipalities:


The area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period.

The census of 1552 it was the most populous village of the region. Between 1554 and 1566, the population was Roman Catholic, after 1566 ended the organized Catholic Church. The Turks ravaged the village in 1660 and the population was scattered, in 1692 the return of the population began.

Mező - Keresztes ( N 47 ° 8 '; O 39 ° 24') about 1892 ( Journal of the recording Josephine Francisco - country recording)

Economy and Transport

The city is on the European Route 60 - crosses - played out here as European route 79 and Main Street 42. The rail link is given by the railway line Püspökladány - Oradea.


Zsigmond Jarai ( born 1951 ), former Minister of Finance of Hungary and President of the Hungarian National Bank

Pictures of Biharkeresztes