Bistrica (Kosovo)

The old stone bridge spans the Bistrica in Prizren. In the background the Sinan Pasha Mosque and left on the mountain fortress of Prizren.

The Prizrenska Bistrica (Albanian Lumbardh respectively Lumbardhi, rarely Lumëbardh / i;. Turkish Akdere ) is an approximately 34 km long left tributary of the White Drin in the south of Kosovo. Colloquially, it is often just called Bistrica.

It rises east of the city near the Prizren road pass PREVALLE / Prevalac and first runs through a deep valley to the west. Your gorge separates the ridge Ošljak in the north of the Šar Planina in the south. From the village of Selo Gornje the trunk road from Prizren goes according Kaçanik along the river.

Behind the village recan / Recane and just before Prizren the valley narrows and becomes a narrow gorge of deep about 500 meters Duvska klisura. Here is the Archangel Serbian Orthodox Monastery, which is circled by the Bistrica and was destroyed in the riots in March 2004. At the entrance of Prizren the river from the gorge walks out polje in the plane of the Prizrensko, then - set in stone - to flow through the immediate city center.

Behind Prizren crosses the Bistrica the agricultural Polje, then joins in the vicinity of the place Muradem in the already accumulated here by the Albanian Fierza Dam the White Drin.