Blood -C is a manga and anime television series from 2011, both works are loose with Blood -. The Last Vampire 2000 and Blood of 2005/6 connected and classified in the genres of horror, mystery, drama and action. The concept of both works is by the artist group Clamp.


The friendly and clumsy girl Saya Kisaragi (更衣 小 夜) lives with her father in the shrine of a small town. She was also trained in swordsmanship, they soon night must use against ghosts that attack the place. So it is supposed to protect her family and friends, only forward their good friend Fumito Nanahara (七 原 文人). Yet this is soon out as a test to make her good heart and her courage to the test.


The created by Ranmaru Kotone and Clamp series published from issue 7/2011 (26 May 2011) to 10/2012 (25 August 2012) in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace. Kadokawa Shoten, the publisher publishes the chapters in four edited volumes.

An English translation of the work published by Dark Horse Comics, Editorial Norma brings a Spanish out. A German version was published from April to October 2013 Kazé.

Besides appeared in Newtype Ace of issue 1/2011 (10 September 2011) until 9/2012 (10 May 2012) of the Manga Blood -C: Izayoi Kitan ( BLOOD -C十六 夜 鬼 谭) by Ryo Hazuki. The chapters have been summarized in two anthologies and published by Kazé 2013 and 2014 in German.


Jun'ichi Fujisaku adapted the work into two novels published by Kadokawas Horror Fiction imprint Kadokawa Horror Bunko: Blood -C ( ISBN 978-4-04-394477-4 ) on October 4, 2011 on the television series and Blood -C: The Last Dark ( ISBN 978-4-04-100300-8 ) on June 2, 2012 for the movie.

TV Series

Parallel to the emergence of the manga at Production IG anime series with a twelve episodes were produced in 2011. This Tsutomu Mizushima directed and the artistic director Hiromasa Ogura was. The scripts of the episodes written Jun'ichi Fujisaku and Nanase Ōkawa.

The first broadcast was also on 8 July to 30 September 2011 shortly after midnight (and thus on the previous TV day ) on MBS from July 9th on TBS and from July 13 on CBC. English translations published in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and have been offered by Nico Nico streaming. Also, Spanish and Chinese versions were published. In German the series from August 2012 to February 2013 appeared in Animaze on Blu -ray and DVD.



The music of the series was composed by Naoki Sato. You used the song spiral of DUSTZ For the opening credits. The credits were welcomed to Junketsu Paradox of Nana Mizuki.


21 May 2012 arrived in Japan the movie Blood -C: The Last Dark out to manga and anime. Under the direction of Naoyoshi Shiotani the film, like the television series was, at Production IG In Germany, he was released in October 2013 in MAD dimension on Blu -ray and DVD.