Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes ( Blue Suede Shoes ) is a rock 'n ' roll song that Carl Perkins wrote in 1955 and in 1956 became his biggest hit. Also very well known is the interpretation of Elvis Presley. On the list of the 500 best singles of all time of the music magazine Rolling Stone is the single by Carl Perkins 95th


The song is based on a story by Johnny Cash. While stationed in Landsberg am Lech Cash had a supervisor named CV White. This put a lot of emphasis on his appearance and always asked again whether he even look good. If he went on, he always said good-bye " Just do not step on my blue suede shoes " ( German: " Just do not kick me on my blue suede shoes "). Years later, Cash told this story Carl Perkins. A few days later Perkins fell to a young man who was trying to keep his girlfriend while dancing at a distance, so that they did not occur on his new shoes. Carl Perkins wrote the song about both events.

The version of Carl Perkins

Blue Suede Shoes was taken on December 19, 1955 in Memphis, along with Honey, Do not, Sure to Fall and Tennessee and on January 1, 1956 released as a single on Sun Records (# 234). The B-side is Honey, Do not. The song first reached No. 1 on the regional country charts in Memphis (Tennessee ) and was at the same time first listed on March 3, 1956 Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel in the national Billboard pop charts, where the two titles located in the following weeks head-to -head race up to the top provided. Perkins Blue Suede Shoes remained 21 weeks on the pop charts, reaching as listed highest placing Rank 2, just before the finish overtaken by Heartbreak Hotel. In the national Billboard country charts Blue Suede Shoes came in at number 3

As a single Perkins Blue Suede Shoes had sold a million copies in April 1956, the owner of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, Perkins gave a Cadillac. This Blue Suede Shoes was the first million-seller of Sun Records. A serious car accident in the spring of 1956 prevented Carl Perkins was able to sign a successor agreement and nearly ended his career. In Germany, the original version was released in June of the same year on the label London Records (DL 20 037 ), which was distributed by Teldec.

The version of Elvis Presley

Early 1956 took Elvis Presley own version of Blue Suede Shoes on. Presley's version appeared in contrast to Perkins ' first not as a single, but along with several other titles on an extended play and to Presley's first album. This was done in consultation between RCA Records and Sun Records, because RCA had purchased Presley's contract in November 1955 by Sun owner Sam Phillips. This procedure was Presley, Perkins of joint appearances knew personally, contrary - he was not initially thrilled with the proposal of his new record company, chose to cover the song, especially since he had brought with Heartbreak Hotel own hit on the way.

Presley sang Blue Suede Shoes for the first time live as part of his third television appearance in the stage show of the brothers Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey on February 11, 1956. Due to the popularity among DJs who often played the Presley's version on the radio, she came in early April, unusually, only in this way in the singles chart, where it reached number 20 later than the highest quote. A single with Presley Blue Suede Shoes and Tutti Frutti was released in September 1956. In Germany, the publication of the RCA single in January 1957 ( # 47-6636 ) was, again, in the distribution of Teldec.

Perkins had his own words initially fears that Presley faster version could harm the success of his own single, especially after he had seen during his hospital stay in April Presley's live version in the Milton Berle show. However, his fears proved unfounded as quickly as the lack of a single version at the beginning of the sale and thus inhibited the chart position as expected. The situation did not lead to Perkins and Presley at a competitive relationship. Both continued to perform well, is understood as ultimately also be heard on the basis of dialogues in the context of known Million Dollar Quartet session in December 1956.

In comparison to his own, very successful version of Blue Suede Shoes Perkins describes his colleague Presley as follows:

" I loved it. He did it faster than I did; it had a real groove to it. I still like it today and sometimes catch myself unconsciously speeding it up and doing it his way. Is not that strange? But I had no idea what he gonna record it and when to do it I saw him live on television, I gotta admit I did felt real proud. "

Other cover versions

The Plastic Ono Band, Black Sabbath, Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix have covered the song. The first German -language version was recorded on 24 July 1956 by Paul Kuhn and published by EMI Electrola on the Columbia label. The German text of The blue suede shoes was by Peter MOESSER.

Pictures of Blue Suede Shoes