Bolo Yeung

Yang Sze ( Chinese:杨 斯/杨 斯; Pinyin: Yáng SI), better known as Bolo Yeung, ( born July 3, 1946 in Guǎngzhōu ) is a Chinese actor and former bodybuilder. Mainly he embodies villains in martial arts and action movies.

In addition to several appearances in the so-called B-movies he plays in the American martial arts film Bloodsport alongside Jean -Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee in The Man with the Dragon ( Enter the Dragon ).

Biography and introduction to the film industry

His athletic career began Bolo in Canton, a city of millions in southern China, where he coached Fu and acrobatics masters among many Kung. In addition Bolo practiced in weightlifting, where he won the championship title in powerlifting ( powerlifting ). Many believed at the time, Bolo was a master of Shotokan karate, but what was wrong, because he has never coached this sport.

Bolo met Bruce Lee while filming for a commercial cigarette brand Winston. A friendship developed between the two, and Bruce invited him to take over the role of the villain Bolo in Enter the Dragon; since one associates the name " Bolo " with him. In the 70s, he starred in numerous kung fu films, but his first successful Hollywood appearance he reached through the role as Chong Li on the side of Jean -Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport.

Outside of his acting career, Bolo is the father of three children. He braces still two hours daily weights and an exercise in Taijiquan. He is chairman of the Hong Kong Gym Business Association and team manager of the Taipei International Body Building squad. Today Bolo Yeung lives in the U.S. Monterey Park.


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  • Bolo served as a template for the Tekken character Feng Wei.
  • His favorite martial art is Tai Chi.
  • He was ahead of his appearance in Enter the Dragon fame when he won the title Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding.
  • He has two sons, Danny and David Yeung.
  • His English skills are loud Fanforenangaben still rather poor.