Bonjour (software)

Bonjour (French for " Good day !"), Formerly Rendezvous (French for " the meeting " ), is a technique that provides automatic discovery of network services in IP networks. It is an implementation of the system of Apple Zeroconf. Bonjour implements Multicast DNS (mDNS ) and DNS-SD IPv4LL. mDNS and DNS-SD are Apple developments that have been released as open standards for the recognition.

Among other things, iTunes uses Bonjour technology to automatically find other computers that share their music. On Windows, the Bonjour service is installed by programs that need it, when they are installed.

In version 10.4 of the operating system Mac OS X Rendezvous has been renamed Bonjour, since there were legal problems with the name.

Use Bonjour is also including in Safari, iTunes, and in some Adobe programs as well as network-enabled hardware.


With the introduction of Apple's UNIX -based OS X, the predecessor network protocol AppleTalk was not migrated. The problems that were previously solved on Mac OS 9.x with AppleTalk to achieve such as, a new printer using an Ethernet connection, passed again. Apple at that time was not going to develop an AppleTalk version for Mac OS X, which again a network configuration using IP addresses had to be carried out as a classic UNIX system on a Mac.

A user named Stuart Cheshire did not want to accept it and wrote in an e - mail discussion group to be suffering. This e -mail and the whole discussion have made history, because then Apple decided to develop a contemporary AppleTalk successor. Its two main messages in this discussion were that it can firstly be a permanent solution that UNIX users come to him to print on his Mac their documents via the network from a distance, because on their computers, the configuration of the printer is too cumbersome and error-prone. Some participants argued that network problems are the responsibility of the administrator and you must therefore construct technically better solution. He replied as the second, so that simple tasks should be possible even without administrator.

Later, Stuart Cheshire was hired by Apple to develop a contemporary AppleTalk successor, which is based on the TCP / IP protocol stack. Out came Rendezvous, which was later renamed because of trademark issues in Bonjour. The whole technique has been released as open source and is being maintained as a standard Zeroconf for other operating systems.

Bonjour for Windows

Bonjour is also available for Microsoft Windows and is available on the Apple website for download. The software thus permits under Windows and in heterogeneous networks, a simple networking bonjour -enabled software and hardware. Mostly it involves network-capable printers that can be used without additional network configuration by the user, thanks to Bonjour.


The main component of Bonjour, the Darwin mDNSResponder, is available as open -source freely available.

Bonjour starts a daemon with which the dns_sd can connect from within the application. For Java there is a JNI bridge.