Boo (programming language)

Boo is developed by Rodrigo Barreto de Oliveira since 2003 programming language for the Microsoft CLR, but it can be used with Mono. The syntax leans heavily on the Python.

Voice Features

Boo is statically typed, where the programmer explicitly specifying types of variables is spared by type inference and generic types for the most part. In addition, the slower, adopted by Ruby duck typing, so dynamic typing is offered. Thus it is quite fast on the explicitly designed for statically typed languages ​​CLR, without having to sacrifice the flexibility of a scripting language.

From the Python language inherits generators. It supports quite a lot of built-in literals, for example, lists, hashes and regular expressions. In addition, for a modern OO language, taken from the functional programming features like first-class functions and real closures. What sets the language of other languages ​​in the world - NET Java and., Is that it provides syntactic macros that are similar to comfortably use as Dylan.


Boo is free software with its own license, which is similar to the MIT and the BSD license strong.

Code examples

Hello world program

Print " Hello world!" functions

Function to generate the Fibonacci numbers:

Def fib ():       a as long, b as long = 0, 1       while true:           yield b           A, B = b a b Windows Forms

Simple Windows Forms Sample with classes, Closures and Events:

Import System.Windows.Forms   import System.Drawing     class MyForm (Form):       def constructor ():           b = Button ( text: " Click Me " )           b.Location = Point ( 100, 50 )           b.Click = do ():               MessageBox.Show ( "you clicked the button !")             self.Controls.Add ( b)       f = MyForm ()   Application.Run ( f) Web Links

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