BPM is an abbreviation for healthcare:

  • Professional Association of Specialists in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Germany

BPM is an abbreviation in the policy:

  • Alliance for policy and opinion nationwide active political alliance of many student bodies and other organizations
  • Post Ministry, abbreviation internally used

BPM is an abbreviation in the art for:

  • Construction project management method to carry out planning and construction
  • Beam Position Monitor, Device for measuring the beam position of most optical systems and particle accelerators
  • Beam Profile Monitor, Device for measuring the beam intensity of most optical systems and particle accelerators, see Beam Position Monitor
  • Beam Propagation Method, numerical method for the computation of electromagnetic fields
  • Beats per minute, a measure of the tempo of a musical piece and (as bpm ): a measure of the heart rate
  • Bi-Phase Mark, communication protocol, see biphase mark code
  • BPM ( time signal transmitter ), government Chinese shortwave time signal transmitter

BPM is an abbreviation in business for:

  • Banca Popolare di Milano, Italian financial companies
  • Belasting van personal auto's en motorrijwielen, Dutch sales and import tax for passenger vehicles
  • Buckenauer porcelain manufacturer, porcelain producer from 1833 to 1926, as well as P. M., porcelain brand
  • Business Partner Management, based on customer relationship management to express that not only customers, but rather all business partners of an enterprise through the system is managed
  • Business performance management, methods, tools and processes to improve the efficiency and profitability of companies
  • Business Performance Measurement, determination, measurement and evaluation of performance variables by means of indicators
  • Business Process Management, management processes and software that deal with the automation and optimization of business processes
  • Business Process Modeling, visual documentation of the structure of the organization and the conduct of a company with graphical modeling notations
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