Broad-leaved tree

As a deciduous tree all trees from the group of angiosperms are called in distinction from the conifers of the pine -like. Woody plants of angiosperms (including shrubs, dwarf shrubs ) are referred to as hardwoods.

The plant communities dominated by deciduous trees are the deciduous forests. The central European deciduous trees belonging to the genera maples ( Acer), alder ( Alnus ), birch (Betula ), hornbeam (Carpinus ), hawthorn (Crataegus ), beech (Fagus ), ash (Fraxinus ), holly (Ilex ), apples (Malus ), poplar (Populus ), stone fruit trees ( Prunus ), pear (Pyrus ), oak (Quercus ), willow ( Salix), flour berries ( Sorbus ), Linden (Tilia ) and elm (Ulmus ).


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