BUA is an abbreviation for:

  • Civil and Environmental Committee
  • Advisory committee for environmental waste materials
  • British United Airways, former British airline
  • Buka airport in Papua New Guinea after the IATA code

BuA stands for:

  • "Reports and Submissions "

Bua stands for:

  • Bua (Fiji), Province of the South Pacific island nation of Fiji
  • Bua (river) in Malawi
  • Bua ( Language ) language from the group of Bua languages
  • Bua languages, group of languages ​​spoken in Chad
  • Bua, Italian name of the Croatian island of Ciovo
  • Bua, Aldeia in East Timor, see Uma Naruc

Bua or Búa is the name of:

  • John Akii - Bua (1949-1997), Ugandan athlete
  • Kevin Bua (* 1993), Swiss- Spanish footballer
  • Ramón Búa Otero (1933-2012), Spanish Roman Catholic bishop
  • Rosolino Bua (1901-1979), Italian actor

Bua stands for:

  • Buryat language according to ISO 639-2
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation

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