Bull Moose Jackson

Benjamin Clarence " Bull Moose" Jackson ( born April 22, 1919 in Cleveland, Ohio; † July 31, 1989 ) was an American tenor saxophonist, singer and bandleader of the swing, blues and rhythm and blues.


Childhood and youth

Jackson was born in 1919 in Cleveland and learned to play because his parents wanted so violin as a child. His nickname " Bull Moose" ( Bull Moose ) he received as many friends said it look like a moose. As a teenager Jackson learned saxophone, which he obviously also much better controlled than the violin.

Jackson began his musical career in a formation called The Harlem Hotshots, when he was still in high school. In 1943 he was hired by bandleader Lucky Millinder as a saxophonist, whose musicians gave him the nickname because of his appearance " Bull Moose". As the representative for Wynonie Harris he began to sing in a show in Texas. Finally they convinced him Millinder, in July 1945, a record contract as a soloist at the King Records subsidiary label Queen Records complete to record rhythm and blues tracks.


His first singles chart success had Jackson in July 1948 I Know Who Threw the Whiskey, which refers to Milli DERs track Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well? moved and the first ever single in the catalog of Queen Records was. As Queen Records was discontinued after only 75 singles, he moved to the parent label King Records, which in March 1948 was able to present his first local hit All My Love Belongs To You. In August 1947, he recorded his biggest hit, the Henry Glover Composition I Love You, Yes I Do, reached number one in the R & B charts and the one million copies were sold. Here's how to listen to the just he founded his own band, The Buffalo Bearcats, with whom he recorded numerous records over the next five years in various genres; as well as romantic crooner songs and jump blues title. Although hidden as a B- side, recorded 1948 I Want A Bowlegged Woman fifth place, as well as his biggest R & B chart hit, I Can not Go On Without You, which after its release in May 1948 eight weeks at number one R & B charts kept. In the same year he joined with Millinder on in the movie Boarding House Blues. The late 1940s and early 1950s, Jackson went on numerous tours in the United States. In 1951, played in his band also some jazz musicians, such as the bebop composer and arranger Tadd Dameron as a pianist, tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, who later became Jazz Messengers bassist Jymie Merritt and Johnny Coles, Frank Wess and Philly Joe Jones.

Later years

Jackson took until 1955 plates; when changing musical tastes, he retired for a while from the music business and worked in a catering company in Washington, DC. 1961, he again took his successful hit I Love You, Yes I Do with the small label on Seven Arts.

In the early 1980s came to Jackson with the Pittsburgh R & B revival band The Flashcats who played his titles and played the album Moose Mania with the band in 1985. After Jackson was still on tour; He died in his hometown of Cleveland in 1989 from lung cancer.

Discography ( singles with publication date)

  • The Honeydripper / Hold Me Joe (Queen 4100 ), August 1945
  • Bull Moose Jackson Blues / We Is not Got Nothing but the Blues ( Queen 4102), August 1945
  • I Know Who Threw the Whiskey ( In the Well ) / Bad Man Jackson That's Me (Queen 4116 ), February 1946
  • I Love You, Yes I Do / Sneaky Pete (King 4181 ), October 1947
  • All My Love Belongs to You / I Want a Bowlegged Woman (King 4198 ), January 1948
  • I Can not Go On Without You / Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones (King 4230 ), May 1948
  • Cleveland, Ohio Blues / I Know Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well ( King 4244 ), July 1948
  • Love Me Tonight / We Can Talk Some Trash (King 4250 ), August 1948
  • Do not Ask Me Why / Oh John (King 4280 ), March 1949
  • Little Girl Do not Cry / Moosey (King 4288 ), May 1949
  • Houston Texas Gal / Come Back to Me ( King 4305 ), June 1949
  • Why Do not You Haul Off and Love Me / Is That All I Mean to You (King 4322 ), October 1949
  • Must You Go / Not Until You Came My Way (King 4335 ), January 1950
  • A Fool in Love / Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (King 4352 ), March 1950
  • Sometimes I Wonder / Time Alone Will Tell (King 4373 ), April 1950
  • Without Your Love / Have You No Mercy? (King 4422 ), January 1951
  • Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home / Trust In Me (King 4451 ), April 1951
  • I'm Lucky I Have You / Cherokee Boogie ( King 4472 ), May 1951
  • Nosey Joe / Sad ( King 4524 ), March 1952
  • ( Let Me Love You) All Night Long / Bootsie (King 4535 ), May 1952
  • There Is No Greater Love / Bearcat Blues (February 6, 1952) ( King 4551 ), July 1952
  • Big Ten Inch Record / I Needed You (King 4580 ), November 1952
  • Meet Me With Your Black Dress On / Try to Forget Him Baby ( King 4634 ), June 1953
  • I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya / If You Is not Lovin ' You Is not Livin' (King 4775 ), January 1955
  • More of the Same / I Found My Love ( Warwick M 575 ), 1960