Butare is a city in the south of Rwanda and in addition to the capital, Kigali, the cultural center of the country.

Butare had in 2001 about 47,000 inhabitants, today (2005 ) estimated to be approximately 70,000 people in the city live and work.


Butare was founded in 1920 and named after the Belgian Queen Astrid Astrida. Butare was the capital of the former League of Nations mandate administered by Belgium Ruanda-Urundi territory until the independence of the country.

Education and Culture

Butare is home to the National University of Rwanda with several faculties and about 8,000 students and the National Museum of Rwanda, the interesting exhibits from pre-colonial times shows, including replica huts that time. The Institute for Technological and Scientific Research as well located as a greater number of high schools in the city.

Flora and Fauna

Because of the climatic and geographical features of the region there are around Butare many endemic species. There is also a small museum that part interesting exhibits from pre-colonial times and shows reconstructed huts that time includes.