Calathus melanocephalus

Black-headed wide neck runner ( Calathus melanocephalus )

The Black-headed wide neck runner or runners Rothals -Kahn ( Calathus melanocephalus ) is a species of the family of beetles.

The animals are only nine millimeters long. Both the elytra and the head are shiny black, the thorax, the legs and antennae are red. In higher mountain ranges of the Alps, however, lacks the red coloration of the neck. The body shape is generally oval, as the breast is about as wide as the abdomen. On the elytra are longitudinal grooves. The legs are relatively long, the sensors are filamentous.

The species is widespread in Europe, Asia and North Africa. They are found mainly in open areas such as fields, but also sometimes in open woods.

The nocturnal animals hunt at the bottom of small insects, which are absorbed and digested before the mouth. During the day the beetles hide under rocks or in flowers and mushrooms. The larva lives in the soil and feeds similar to the beetle. After several molts, they pupate. From the doll slips of finished beetle.