Large wide- beetle ( Abax parallelepipedus ), Tribe Pterostichini

The Harpalinae are a cosmopolitan subfamily of ground beetles ( Carabidae ). With approximately 20,000 species in 30 tribes, it is the most diverse group of beetles. In Europe, 417 species and subspecies are known.

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The lateral pits of the mandibles are hairless. The first Tarsenglieder the front legs are broadened never sided with the males. The indentations on the hips ( coxae ) of the front legs are perforated or more times. The wing covers are fully trained, or truncate at the top, such as in the tribes Odacanthini and Lebiini.


Due to the extremely high number of species Harpalinae, the larvae on a wide variety of morphological differences. The larvae of all Harpalinae have in common that the secondary hairs of ligule are reduced to a pore. The muscles of the sensor are arranged crosses as well as for the Trechinae and Brachininae. On Stipes a membranous band ventrolateral trained in many tribes. Tribes to the basic blueprint of the subfamily most likely to meet, such as some types of Pterostichini and Platynini have great similarity with the Trechinae, but differ from that group by the short lacinia and twice arranged claws.

Way of life

The lifestyle of the different subgroups of Harpalinae is due to their variety is very different.