Calbuco is a Chilean port city in the south of Chile in the region X Región de los Lagos ( province of Llanquihue ) on the coast of the Gulf of Ancud. The city lies about 50 km south of Puerto Montt.

The name of the city was dominated by the natives of the island of Isla de Caicaén. Calfunco what about means something like Blue waters.

The city had 2002 31.070 inhabitants.

60 km northeast of the city of the same name lies Calbuco volcano with 2003 meters. He is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, the last eruption was in 1972.


The town's origins lie in 1602 when it was founded by Don Francisco Hernández Ortiz, then still named Real Fuerte de San Miguel. 1603 a small infantry unit in Calbuco was stationed. The troops were often occupied with chilotes, the inhabitants of the island of Chiloé. The city itself was on an island.

1866 was very close to the battle front Abtao instead ( Spanish - Latin American War). Until 1965 the town was on an island, only then it was connected to a 240 m long bridge with the mainland.


Calbuco living mainly from fishing and agriculture.

- 41.772222222222 - 73.131111111111Koordinaten: 41 ° 46 ' S, 73 ° 8' W

  • Location in Chile
  • Región de los Lagos
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