Calvert City, Kentucky

Marshall County


Calvert City is located on the Tennessee River, a town with just 3,000 inhabitants in the west of the U.S. state of Kentucky. Calvert City was named after Potilla Calvert, a wealthy landowner, the development of the city greatly promoted its donation to the railroad company in 1860.

Calvert City has good road, rail and port connections. This made it attractive for industry and home to steel and especially chemical companies. About 3,800 people work in the 17 industrial companies that are located in Calvert City. A resident include Wacker Chemical Corporation, Evonik Industries and Arkema.


Potilla Calvert established its headquarters in Oak Hill in 1860. A portion of its land holdings, he donated to the railway company under the condition that he build a train station. This was the origin point of the city, the city became law in 1871.

During the high water on the Ohio River in 1937, most of the residential and industrial area of the city were damaged. The built in the 40s dam the Tennessee Valley Authority ensured adequate, affordable supply, which favored industrial development.


Arkema in Calvert City was originally founded under the name Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company in 1948. Arkema currently provides more than 260 jobs.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Robert Grubbs ( b. 1942 ), Chemist


  • Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
  • Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
  • Calvert Drive-In Theater